2014 Resolutions

Read more.

Game of Thrones books 2-4

The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good people Turn                           Evil

Hammer of the Gods

Hitman (Bret Hart autobio)

Undisputed (Chris Jericho’s book)

Slaughterhouse Five


Proof of Heaven

Guns, Germs and Steel

Fredick Douglass’ Narrative

something by Bukowski (haven’t decided yet)

Toni Morrison (probably Sula, but I mean, you can’t go                               wrong with any choice)

Assata Shakur bio

The Stranger – Albert Camus

something by Ursula K. Le Guin

something by Chimamanda Adichie

something by Chris Abani

(This doesn’t include 11 books via my book                                                 club)

Lose 15 lbs – Do a pull up.

Oral surgery. Sigh. I need at least four teeth pulled. Relax, they’re wisdom teeth.

New glasses. Something with larger frames. I should’ve just kept my grandmother’s frames or the Medicaid ones, we all feared as poor kids. 

Learn to play a sport. Try boxing and if that’s the sport.

Learn to play an instrument.

Another tattoo

Writing goals: Write a proper essay. Write better stories. Get a grant or fellowship. 

Ride a horse

Wear your hair curly. An entire year. No cutting unless split end situation becomes a code red.

Receive mindfulness trainings at Blue Cliff Monastery

Help E get a job.

Hug Jillian Michaels. Hug Jay and Mark Briscoe. Possibly for an awkwardly long time. Try to not to stare or lose your shit.  

Maybe a little tv would be okay. Archer. Metalocalypse. Bob’s Burgers. Anything RuPaul is involved in. Some smart shit like Arrested Development. That’s it. And Game of Thrones of course.

Epic Halloween costume. Epic Christmas card. Glitter. Possibly dragons.

Don’t speak poorly of yourself.

Put your phone away when you’re in the company of others or just in the middle of an activity yourself. Be present.


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