HiFi Reading Series curated by Minorities in Publishing

November 4th Reading

On November 4th at HiFi Bar in NYC my friend and awesome writer in her own right Jennifer Baker curated the HiFi Reading Series. She invited me, Ennis Smith, Courtney Gillette, and Daniel José Older to share work.

Ennis read a moving excerpt from his memoir about a friend’s last night alive in a hospital. Courtney had everyone laughing with her take on lesbian sex positions. Daniel read from his book Shadowshaper, which is a wonderful contribution to YA literature.

And I, dear friends, read an essay that is forthcoming in Working Stiff, anthology of pro-wrestling themed literature where the Ultimate Warrior, pro-wrestling, being a writer, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and my grandmother make perfect sense. Maybe.

Thanks again to Lena Valencia and Ryan Britt for hosting! (Ryan has a new book out, Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths, that you should check out.)

I’m the first reader, for you impatient types, and you can scroll to 3:50 if you must, but the whole reading is really a gem and I’m not just saying that. Listen in here.


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