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Plant manufacture pigments

Plant manufacture pigments

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Pigments Market

In our plants, we produce the full range of organic pigments from classic to high performance materials. We supply these in dry powder form only. The production of dispersions and color pastes we leave to our customers. Our product range includes numerous specialist pigments developed on the back of our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the specific chemistries and applications involved. This gives us the know-how to tailor products to particular customer requirements.

To ensure our pigments meet customer specifications and needs, we also run test programmes for customers, reducing valuable laboratory time and time-to-market. All our products meet international health, safety and environmental HSE standards and we can guarantee that our production is always fully compliant and up-to-date with the latest legislatory requirements. Having spent considerable time improving our Phthalo pigments we have completed manufacturing agreements in India to supply under our complete QC protocol an extensive range of Phthalocyanine pigments.

Trust Chem also produces indanthrone Pigment Blue With this product we are successful in the automotive industry, both for OEM coatings as well for car refinishes. We also supply Pigment Blue 60 for decorative inks. Our Pigment Blue 60 pigments are being used by leading multinational manufacturers of automotive OEM and car refinishes coatings.

We also supply PB 60 for use in decorative and specialty printing inks. Both in the manufacturing of phtalo as well as indanthrone blue organic pigments Trust Chem holds a strong position. Benzimidazolone Brown pigments are a real specialty for use in highly Trust Chem is the only manufacturer of Benzimidazolone Brown pigments in Asia.

Our phthalo green pigments have a very high standard in all fastness properties, whether it is heat and light stability, resistancy to chemicals or excellent weather fastness. These properties open a wide range of applications. With our own phtalo crude as well as own finishing plant we are able to offer you different types of an excellent Pigment Green 7.

As we are worldwide leading in benzimidazolone pigments we can supply you with an excellent quality PO 36, PO 62 and PO Trust Chem produces a wide range of red pigments with applications varying from automotive coatings to flexo ink application. We have over 70 red pigments in our portfolio. Quinacridone Pigment Red is a very successful pigment in our range. As an example of our technical capabilities we recently introduced a quinacridone Pigment Red In we opened a production line for diazocondensation Red Pigments.

For our ink customers we also manufacture excellent Pigment Red as well as a very stable Pigment Red For our master batch industry for instance we supply a low Barium type of Pigment Red As the leading manufacurer in Asia of Quinacridone pigments off course Pigment Violet 19 is an important product in our range.

Applications vary from printing inks to coatings like coil coatings to master batch. Furthermore we have Pigment Violet 23 and Pigment Violet 19 our product range. With the TCVP for instance we have an excellent and unique fibre grade quality for master batch application.

Trust Chem produces a wide range of yellow pigments. This varies from the several chemistries in the classical ones up to the high performance pigments. We are proud to offer our customers the diazo-condensation yellows: Pigment Yellow 93, Pigment Yellow 95 and Pigment Yellow Trust Chem is the only manufacturer in Asia to produce this range.

For powder coatings we are one of the two producers worldwide of Pigment Yellow We also should mention our isoindoline pigments like Pigment Yellow And the metal complex type Pigment Yellow The opaque type is being used for many different master batch applications. With new legislations on amines for instance for tissue printing ink application, Pigment Yellow is rapidly replacing yellow pigments traditionally used for this application. TCYW is the market standard for water based inks.

Our master batch customers more and more are using the plastic type TCY successfully. With applications in color paste systems, decorative- and industrial coatings TCYO now has taken the nr. Pigment by. Color index.

Process plant for pigment paste production

Its objective is to accelerate industrial development in China, while adhering to a high environmental standard. In its certified cutting-edge plant, Lanxess uses the Ningbo process that it developed for manufacture of synthetic iron-oxide pigments. The production method is based on patented technology and enables the currently most environmentally friendly production of synthetic iron-oxide pigments in Asia in the medium color range and in the red range with a yellowish color cast. Compared to the traditional Chinese iron-oxide red process, notably fewer nitrogen oxides, such as extremely harmful nitrous oxide, are emitted. A highly efficient secondary treatment stage, moreover, completely removes the remaining greenhouse-gas emissions.

VIBFAST Group was incorporated in by Amit Banthia at the young age of 23 with a view to grow in the field of textiles and chemicals, which were two major businesses that were to take corporate India to the next century. Vibfast started to trade in dyestuffs for textiles and leather, with the rapid market expansion in local and overseas territories.

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Dyes, Pigments and Inks

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Rockwood Color Pigments Selects O’Neal for New Iron Oxide Pigment Plant

Pigment , any of a group of compounds that are intensely coloured and are used to colour other materials. Pigments are insoluble and are applied not as solutions but as finely ground solid particles mixed with a liquid. In general, the same pigments are employed in oil- and water-based paints, printing inks, and plastics. Pigments may be organic i. The majority of inorganic pigments are brighter and last longer than organic ones.

A pigment is a material that changes the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength -selective absorption. This physical process differs from fluorescence , phosphorescence , and other forms of luminescence , in which a material emits light.

Engaged in manufacturing and marketing of pigments that are extensively used in Printing Ink, Paints, Plastics and Cosmetics. Hercules Pigments which is brainchild of Mr. Narendra Desai and Mr. Anupam Desai, men with formidable background in pigment manufacturing and technology.

Welcome to Subhasri Pigments

Due to its pure hue, consistent properties and tinting strength, iron oxide pigments play an important role in coatings, ceramics, paint, plastic and rubber. Our advanced manufacturing and laboratory facilities have earned us a reputation as a reliable and effective raw material supplier for any industry. We have a particular expertise in iron oxide pigments and a variety of other colorants in our complete portfolio, which can be customized to your specific business needs. Our products are high in quality, produce reliable color consistency and are durable.

Biological pigments , also known simply as pigments or biochromes , [1] are substances produced by living organisms that have a color resulting from selective color absorption. Biological pigments include plant pigments and flower pigments. Many biological structures, such as skin , eyes , feathers , fur and hair contain pigments such as melanin in specialized cells called chromatophores. In some species, pigments accrue over very long periods during an individual's lifespan. Pigment color differs from structural color in that it is the same for all viewing angles, whereas structural color is the result of selective reflection or iridescence , usually because of multilayer structures. For example, butterfly wings typically contain structural color, although many butterflies have cells that contain pigment as well.

National Green Plant certificate for pigment production in Ningbo

Established in as a family owned business for trade and export of jute and textiles in Calcutta now Kolkata. A township was developed around the mill which comprised of schools, hospitals, residences and a temple. In , a direct relationship with Hoechst AG was established for sale of Dye Intermediates which fuelled growth and development. In , Mr. In we further diversified into manufacturing of Agro Intermediates. In , we ventured into manufacturing customer patented products under technology transfer agreements. In , a fully automated plant for manufacturing Electronic Chemicals under an evergreen supply agreement was setup.

Nov 3, - The high-tech plant for manufacturing synthetic iron oxide pigments uses what has been dubbed the “Ningbo Process”. Based on patented.

Teacher and Student Resources. Plants make an amazing variety of pigment molecules, far more than animals. After all, plants are creatures of light. They sense light to control their growth and rapid responses to the environment, and they use light as their source of energy.

Leaf Pigments

Our customers are among the leading suppliers in the field of pigment pastes. Worldwide, many of them have standardised their production based on the ystral Conti-TDS technology. Its Conti-TDS technology, allows ystral to overthrow conventional methods for pigment paste production.

High Performance Pigments Market

Goto , K. Kurata , M. Hayashi , S. Plant Production in Closed Ecosystems provides overviews of the current trends and concepts in plant production in closed or semi-closed environments.

In our plants, we produce the full range of organic pigments from classic to high performance materials. We supply these in dry powder form only.

The only complete line of high-performing natural plant-derived pigments. The natural alternative to artificial pigments on the market. Ideal for film coating applications The natural pigments applied to the product's surface yield vivid colours and excellent stability. The coloured surface can be covered with a shellac or wax to give shine.

Biological pigment

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