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Industrial units and details of garage equipment

Industrial units and details of garage equipment

In Europa siamo il primo costruttore assoluto di ponti sollevatori e fra le maggiori aziende nella produzione di attrezzature da gommisti e per la diagnostica controllo veicoli e assetto ruote. Gli oltre We inform you that RAV will be closed for Christmas holidays starting from the 20th of December until the 2nd of January Our first working day will be the 2nd of January , however… View Article. Ravaglioli supplied the very new Pirelli Driver shop in Verona, Italy with the most modern equipment: 3D aligner RAVTD, wheel balancer G4 range, test lane with inground scissors lift, 2 post lifts.

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There are therefore various considerations to take into account prior to site acquisition: A. Budget allocated: Is it sufficient for outright purchase or for rent? How are these costs to be viewed, eg as an investment, recoverable on overheads, etc. Vessels: Type, quantity, and size of vessels to be constructed at any one time. Fitting out: Whether completion or part completion, hulls only, or a combination of these is envisaged. Location: To river, sea or lake. Amenities available: Electricity, water, etc.

Access: Road, rail, river, sea, air. Product marketing: Area of access, range of product needed to fulfil required volume of sales. Classification Society: Surveyor easily available. Although various types of lightweight or temporary structure can be used in hotter climates, they are usually a short term measure and if one is to build a vessel to classification standard, the requirements for the control of material storage, workshop conditions, and general layout of the various stages of construction, are fairly stringent.

It would, therefore, be preferential to give the building structure and layout due thought ref. Figure 4. A typical ferrocement boatyard The following are items to consider: Flooring A reinforced concrete floor, incorporating suitable drains to remove excess curing water if this method of curing is to be utilized.

The floor should be designed to withstand the local loads applied when jacking and moving the size of vessel to be constructed. It is advisable at this stage to incorporate suitably located dead-men in the floor, to facilitate easy movement of the boats around the workshop. Building framework The building framework should ideally be designed to allow for the use of hanging tie rods to support the boat's reinforcement both prior to and during casting and curing, if this method of construction is adopted.

As well as indifferent use whilst lifting engines, deck equipment, etc. Building height The height of the eaves of the building should be sufficient for ease of working on the sizes of vessels to be built.

This may vary from the ferrocement workshop to the fitting out workshop if composite construction is envisaged. Also, free air ventilation in hot climates must be allowed for whilst being able to nullify the affect of wind or draughts during the casting stage.

In cold climates extractor fans for removal of welding fumes, etc. Roof trusses In the ferrocement workshop, it is convenient if the trusses are designed so that adjustable longitudinal RSJ's may be located to suit hanging tie rods for the construction phase of the hulls.

Building cladding Suitable cladding and construction materials, and insulation to offset the effects of heat or cold, should be incorporated in the building. This may be one of the requisites of a classification society. Material storage Suitable covered storage for materials should be allowed for, including the proper racking and storage of steel, mesh, cement and sand, as well as following manufacturers' recommendations regarding storage and treatment of materials to be held in stock.

Access Adequate access should be provided for receiving materials and for allowing free movement of personnel around the working areas fire and safety precautions. Movement Adequate access and space for moving the craft to water, whether by slipway, road, or other means, should be allowed for.

Machinery and equipment Due consideration should be paid to space for machinery and equipment required not only during the ferrocement phase of construction, but also for fitting out where a variety of different materials may be considered for use including perhaps timber, steel and fibreglass. Covered space Sufficient covered space including adequate structures for offices, toilet facilities, lofting and frame making, should be taken into account.

Water Good clean and potable quality water should be available. Ice If possible in hot climates, a local supply of ice made from potable quality water would be advantageous in the casting process. Gas Availability of gas for use in oxyacetylene equipment. Assortment of loose tools 3. A launching system will, out of necessity, be derived from the following criteria: 1. Cost 2. Site location 3.

Craft type 5. Manpower 6. Safety Cost effectiveness - number of craft to be moved per year - type and size and weight of craft to be moved - distance to be moved - type of ground to be covered - complexity of system required - type of equipment available for use Site location - the locality of the site and workshops in relation to water will provide the key to the complexity and type of equipment to be used - the locality will also determine the type of terrain to be covered - eg hardstanding, concrete, sand, earth, gravel, etc.

Cradle located under a hull Manpower Type of system to be used may depend on: - training - skilled or unskilled availability - sub contract labour Safety - safety of movement of craft so as to minimize damage from mishandling by creating stress points on the craft - safety of personnel by ensuring a safe working environment - equipment safety checks prior to use Any systems used will need to take account of the six points listed.

No one point necessarily exceeds the others in order of importance. Usually the first job to contend with will be moving the craft from inside the workshop into the open. This may initially be movement of hulls only, on completion of the ferrocement work, for either preparation for delivery, or for continuing the fitting out process. A cradle mounted on wheels or crawlers on a sound floor will be adequate for the lighter hulls such as yachts. For heavier craft, a cradle mounted on a railway system, rollers or crawlers, may be a better solution.

Moving a hull in the workshop On soft ground or sand, a greasy way or rollers with the weight suitably distributed on heavy planks, railway sleepers or similar, would be required. The motive force can either be a simple capstan employing sufficient labour, or winch manual or mechanical , or perhaps a tractor which would be more practical for the lighter craft unless it has a facility for fixed anchorage and considerable mechanical advantage through reduction by employing one, two, or three sheave blocks.

Once outside the workshop, depending on the distance to the slipway water, a crane could be used to good effect. It is much more likely though that the process already described will be continued. Obviously there are many different ways of tackling a launching. The ideal method is to have an adjacent slipway and hardstanding. This allows the use of hand or mechanical means of launch, plus the benefit of using a crane if available, in addition to keeping the operation to a safe standard and using a minimum of labour.

A concrete apron from the workshop with a winch and dead-men is also a very useful requisite. A cradle should be made to suit the craft and both set on a launching trolley whether run on wheels or a railway system.

Any means of launching can be used in reverse and, therefore, renewal maintenance work can be carried out, helping to offset the original outlay required for the system. The size and cost of a launching method is proportional to the size, weight and number of vessels to be handled. There are many boatyards today using unsophisticated means of launching to save costs, but it could prove to be false economy if a vessel is damaged as a result; or if any injury is incurred by a member of the workforce through risks taken in the use of an inappropriate launching system.

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There are therefore various considerations to take into account prior to site acquisition: A. Budget allocated: Is it sufficient for outright purchase or for rent? How are these costs to be viewed, eg as an investment, recoverable on overheads, etc. Vessels: Type, quantity, and size of vessels to be constructed at any one time. Fitting out: Whether completion or part completion, hulls only, or a combination of these is envisaged.

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Call our Sales Engineers, tell us about your studio space, your equipment, and the design you're after. Old Woodworking Tools provides information and resources about woodworking, old woodworking tools and machines and antique hand tools. For automotive hand tools, specialty tools, air tools, welders, shop equipment, tool cabinets, and garage organizers, Summit Racing has what you're looking for at the lowest price. As a top supplier to both consumers and auto shops, Northern Tool carries an extensive selection of automotive lifts, engine hoists, brake repair tools. Eden Workshops, bringing you the best in traditional book binding methods and genuine offers on exclusive equipment and materials.

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Supporting a wide range of cars and vans manufactured in Europe, America and Asia, InspeX is one of the best all-encompassing diagnostic tools available on the market today. Maintenance information tabs contain all vehicle data such as service schedules, required parts and much more with direct link to diagnostic functions. Giant database including wiring diagrams for all important systems such as engine management, comfort systems and bus systems for optimal efficiency. Find the right solution within seconds, even for challenging troubleshooting cases. Includes the module - technical service bulletins TSB. Already includes , real applications and vehicle combinations - the database is growing day by day! Simply search for the fault codes or symptoms to identify trending vehicle problems from a multitude of sources, either by technicians in the field or online. All fixes have been validated by our own engineers. The gateway between vehicle, independent garage and vehicle manufacturer.

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Driven by innovative power, dedication and more than 30 years of experience WAECO has evolved into a technology leader in automotive air conditioning. Products certified by major vehicle manufacturers! A user review for Garage Wire. WAECO has been an established, innovative player in the air conditioning business for many years. Readers were requested to assess leading members of the utility vehicle branch as well as their products and services.

Brand: LV8. For use with, the Super Titan Scissor Jack, acts as additional spacers and support for bikes without centre stands and extra low clearance.

Used Garage Equipment. This is an absolute sale with no reserves. About Our Business Automotive Shop Equipment Specialists is home to technicians with 30 years of combined experience in the field of all automotive repair equipment repairs and sales.


Whether you need lifts , wheel balancers , tire machines , air compressors , or other equipment for your auto repair shop, or repairs to your existing equipment, DS Sales can meet your needs. DS Sales is an automotive equipment and service company, serving auto repair shops in the Rocky Mountain Region. We specialize in the sale and service of auto lifts, wheel service, air compressors, parts, washers and accessories.

Car Lift Machine Our Marina Bull can safely and reliably lift longer and heavier boats than our competition because we design our lifting systems to handle the forces, stresses, and leverage needed for boats with long load centers. Buy the Combo Package and get both pieces at the best discount. Try Out Leasing Options We are able to offer innovative leasing solutions specific to the garage equipment market. Hot This Week. The shaft is then roofed over, leaving a machine room above the shaft.

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Factors such as the advent of autonomous vehicles, implementation of advanced connectivity features, OEM and government focus on electric vehicles, use of sensor data for preventive maintenance, and concerns of vehicle and passenger safety are driving the market. The emission equipment segment is expected to be the fastest-growing market during the forecast period. The increasing pollution level is one of the major concerns for the government and OEMs around the world. Common emission equipment includes exhaust gas analyzers, diesel smoke meters, and emission testers. This equipment measures various pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. Such toxic compounds present in combustion gases have an adverse effect on the health conditions of people living in urban areas.

We have been in the automotive equipment business in Oklahoma since Some of the units can pick up from tires and pinch welds while others lift the Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Car.

Beginning with the Industrial Revolution era, a workshop may be a room , rooms or building which provides both the area and tools or machinery that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Workshops were the only places of production until the advent of industrialization and the development of larger factories. In the 20th and 21st century, many Western homes contain a workshop in the garage, basement, or an external shed.

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Certificate of conformity registration;. Euro 3, 4;. Our constant partners are more than six hundred machinery manufacturers, more than thousand industrial and trading firms, car centers, etc.


Apr 25, WiredRelease via COMTEX -- Automobiles are designed with advanced technology to offer high performance features such as high speed, and enhancement of overall efficiency. With advancements in performance, safety and repair of vehicles are equally important. Continuous changes in the automotive sector, such as lightweight engine to make comfortable ride, adoption of airbags for safety purpose, and advancement in equipment such as tire changer, automotive jacks, welding tools, wheel balancer, lifting equipment, and others plays an important role to the automotive garage equipment market.

All building complexes have to meet especially demanding security, safety, communication, HVAC, and energy criteria.

BOSAL is a result-driven organization, with a desire to provide unsurpassed customer satisfaction through superior quality and premium value. ECS posesses full in-house capabilities to develop and produce the very best emission control systems. Next to traditional solutions aimed at meeting current and future targets, BOSAL ECS also draws on areas of expertise within the group, including heat exchange and energy conversion. For OEM it develops and manufactures state-of the art systems for emission control.

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