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Manufactory industry intersystem communication devices of networks, systems, complexes and electroni

Manufactory industry intersystem communication devices of networks, systems, complexes and electroni

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David H. David leads a multifaceted organization with more than 3, people across the globe. Over the past 15 years, David has led numerous automation initiatives that have resulted in multi-billion-dollar savings and in he received the CIO Award for his efforts. David holds 45 patents and has frequently appeared as a guest speaker at technical and leadership seminars and conferences throughout the world. David was accepted to the world-renowned Shanghai Conservatory of Music and came to the U.

Supporting this growth, as well as the tremendous architecture challenges posed by greater complexity, faster speeds and enhanced reliability necessitates a transition from a hardware-based network to an intelligent, flexible, software-defined network.

Within Ahlstrom Corporation, Mr. With his strategic thinking inherited from the Finnish Air Force, Mr. ABSTRACT : The Digital Twin concept has been adopted by the heavy industry and manufacturing, and factory production machines now routinely have their twin modeled for continuous process improvement.

Some also push Digital Twins forward in their end products, such as jet engines and avionics systems. However, these commonly used Digital Twins are still separated islands with missing links. This is where spime containers step in, bringing Digital Twins into a continuous fabric of new digital reality.

Kathy received her Ph. Kathy is the author of numerous publications and patents in applied probability. Many of the new applications have highly demanding performance, reliability and security needs.

In this talk we outline service design principles and examples that demonstrate how carriers can create automated end-to-end controls in a multi-vendor environment. Marcus is active in research, development, and standardization since 25 years with experience in programmability of networks and services, cloud technology for IT and network service providers NfV , and automation of network and IT including autonomic communication.

He is involved in various international organizations on software-defined networking and the future telecommunication technologies like Network Function Virtualization and 5G networking. Big issues are measuring reliability, monetizing reliability, and implementing highly reliable systems. His current research interests include mobile networks, industrial IoT systems, and cross-industry research collaborations.

One prominent example is the support of industrial 5G networks that enable critical Internet of Things connectivity and support the digitalization of industries. In my talk I will provide an overview of 5G standard features for ultra-reliable and low latency communication URLLC that are needed for advanced industrial use cases and it will be explained how high reliability can be provided end-to-end. His research interests are centered on network and services resiliency.

An important fraction of his activities the last 6 years was dedicated to the virtualization of network functions. To this end, costs optimization, among others, has led to the proposal of network slicing for sharing resources and mutualizing the management and orchestration of such networks. As the slicing approach will benefit from techniques derived of virtualization, this talk highlights different facets of the Network Function Virtualization framework to enable a resilient support of network slicing.

It will consider different life cycle phases such as design, operations i. Olli Salmela, Ph. His research interests include reliability testing, adaptation of new component technologies, and modeling of complex systems, including big data analytics. Salmela has authored or co-authored more than 30 refereed journal and conference papers. He holds fourteen patents. Along adaptation of 5G, telecom networks are used in some mission-critical applications, where ultra-reliability is requested.

At the same time, the change of focus from hardware to software has some impact on the methodologies that are applied in reliability analysis. Therefore, it is important that reliability engineers adapt at least some basic understanding of software and software reliability. Until now, the usual background for reliability engineers has quite often been on hardware.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence provide some new methods to run preventive maintenance procedures. However, it is important that subject matter experts are involved when these methodologies are implemented to telecom networks equipment and systems.

Xu is currently a Ph. Extensive and novel results have been accomplished and most of them have already been published through high-quality journals, conference papers and projects. First, a new commercial ecology would be brought by 5G and blockchain. Kostas G. Vlahodimitropoulos, Ph. Since joining Cosmote Telecommunications in , he has served in various network planning and optimization roles. His research interests are in the design and implementation of network-wide big data like for the on-line analytics of network performance vs.

This has been driven by the fierce competition in the mobile communications market regarding price and quality. Superior customer experience is now considered as one of the most powerful leverages to reduce the churn and increase the Average Revenue Per User ARPU.

In this talk, we will focus on the key ingredients for enabling this transformation. Yubao He has worked in serviceability domain for more than 12 years in Huawei. He focuses on automatic operation and maintenance of communication products technical planning, research and innovation. He has led many company level serviceability projects in Huawei, such as serviceability strategic planning, automated configuration, network delivery technical innovation, etc. This topic introduces the application background, scenarios and some practices of AIOps.

His responsibilities are related to the definition and coordination of research projects in the areas of new networking technologies and network infrastructures. He is directly involved in activities related to network virtualization, core optimization, AAA, traffic analysis, and infrastructure security.

Diego received his MS from the University of Granada in , and his PhD degree from the University of Seville in , with a thesis related to AI and fuzzy logic, and their application to control problems. Since he has worked for several private and public organisations, developing and deploying communication services.

As part of these tasks, he actively participated in national and international working groups and projects, and collaborated in several versions of the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group White Paper, under the auspices of the EU Presidency, in areas related to security and digital identity services.

His current areas of interest are network middleware, network virtualization, infrastructural and mediation services, infrastructural security, the application of AI techniques to network management and security, and new network architectures. We will review the current status of Software Network technologies, how they enable a deeper automation in networks, and what the challenges to bring this automation to achieve its full potential are. Nikolaos Papakonstantinou was born in Athens in He leads a substance node of 13 researchers.

His research focuses on model and data-driven approaches to complex-system design, operation and maintenance, and industrial information interoperability. The interdisciplinary and inter-system dependencies in these systems introduce difficulties in the identification of safety and security risks that emerge from emerging behavior. Late discovery of safety and security design weaknesses can lead to increased costs, additional system complexity and delays to the deployment of the system.

With this high level of integration and connectivity, there is an increased need for methods and tools for early high level security and safety assessment.

In a similar way, regardless of a low calculated failure probability of a device based on known failure modes, there is always a risk that remains and unexpected interdisciplinary interactions can also contribute to this risk. This presentation will focus on a model-driven approach for early safety and security assessment of complex critical infrastructures.

Roundtable Chair: Spilios Makris , Ph. He received his Ph. Toggle navigation.

How to design a scalable communications infrastructure for IIoT sensor networks

Industrial Internet of Things IIoT applications, featured with data-centric innovations, are leveraging the observability, control, and analytics, as well as the safety of industrial operations. The wireless system design for IIoT applications is inherently a joint effort between operational technology OT engineers, information technology IT system architects, and wireless network planners. In this paper, we propose a new reference framework for the wireless system design in IIoT use cases. The framework presents a generic design process and identifies the key questions and tools of individual procedures.

David H. David leads a multifaceted organization with more than 3, people across the globe.

Accessibility statement 0 Home Page 1 Skip over navigation 2. Click on a consortium name to view a description of that consortium and to access links that will take you to its homepage, supported standards and if available its IPR policy. Net Foundation Promotes open development and collaboration around the open source technologies for. Accellera Systems Initiative Develops electronic design automation standards. Accord Project Develops and maintains open source tools and standards for contracts.

FI-WARE Interface to Networks and Devices (I2ND)

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Wireless Network Design for Emerging IIoT Applications: Reference Framework and Use Cases

The aim of this partnering tool is to facilitate partnering between the potential consortium members by sharing information on expertise needed or offered. When you spot a company that you wish to contact, please send a message though our Contact Page and remember to specify the company you wish to contact in your message. You will receive the contact details of that particular company within two business days. If you wish to add your company to the Partnering Tool, please fill in our registration form. Please click below to download presentations made by organisations wanting to lead or join a consortium preparing a tender.

The good old traditional analog days are in the past.

Catharines, Ontario, Canada E-mail: mpilkington brocku. The replacement of inorganic semiconductors with molecule-based compounds for applications in current-to-light conversion has led to a significant increase in interdisciplinary collaborations worldwide, affording new improved organic-light emitting diodes OLEDs ripe for commercial applications, as well as light-emitting electrochemical cells LECs that have recently started to head to the market. This review highlights the role that transition metal coordination complexes TMCs have played in advancing the field of molecular electronics, from early conception to the advanced development of several polypyridyl complexes currently pursued for both OLED and LEC concepts.

CAN Bus: The Central Networking System of Vehicles

The relational data model and the SQL query language. Transactions: recovery and concurrency control. Implementation of a database system.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Hub, Switch, & Router Explained - What's the difference?

In the Electronic world, communication protocols are the backbone links for an embedded system, thus they are very important for us Seeekers to understand what they are, why they are used, and the difference between communication protocols. Also please leave us feedback. We at Seeed Studio are hoping to turn this series of blogs into wiki articles, and appreciate any feedback. First thing first, wired communication protocols are simply a set of rules that allow two or more entities of a communication system to transmit information via physical medium. Protocols can be implemented by both hardware and software or a combination of both. Further, each protocol has its own application area.

Courses in Computer Science and Engineering

This course is designed to address all aspects of industrial power distribution systems, including system planning, equipment selection, specification and application, system grounding, protection and conformity with electrical code requirements, etc. The course considers all aspects of the design process, including a detailed review of network topology, the interaction of the different elements of substation design and operation, an introduction to substation equipment and its function, and an explanation of the many interfaces between engineers, architects and other specialists that are required for substation construction. This hour course provides a thorough study of the power system data necessary, and the methods commonly used in analysis of power systems utilizing computer software. Individual instructors may have slight variations for a given offering. SCADA is a computer controlled system developed as a universal means of remote access to a variety of local control modules, which could be from different manufacturers allowing access through standard automation protocols.

Communication System Security developed by ITU-T Study Group 17). This is industry addressed here include e-health care, in particular a system for constraints from network address translation (NAT) devices. It was designed for speed and simplicity, making it suitable for less complex Intersystem Specifications.

The growing number of heterogeneous devices which can be used to access a variety of physical networks, contents, services, and information provided by a broad range of network, application and service providers has clearly created the conditions required for an increasing number of users to be always in touch with what is going on in the world, both for personal and work-related purposes. Driven by mobility, more and more services are consumed on the move. Therefore mobility is to be provided, and a certain Quality of Experience QoE and security are expected. Unfortunately, the complexity of the problem, as well as the lack of standardised interfaces and protocols, makes it difficult to easily and seamlessly support such features at the application layer. Moreover, in the attempt to differentiate the offer, device manufacturers are continuously introducing new and more sophisticated features in their products.

OVERVIEW SkyStream Networks develops and sells a new category of networking products that enable the Internet to connect with broadcast networks, such as cable, satellite and digital television networks. This converged network, called the Broadcast Internet, enhances the delivery of multimedia-rich and other data intensive content. Our products enable service providers to combine the quality, scalability and efficiency of broadcast networks with the interactivity and personalization of the Internet to deliver multimedia-rich content simultaneously to a large number of users. We enable the Broadcast Internet through our source media routers, which aggregate and distribute content across broadcast networks, and edge media routers, which receive content from broadcast networks and redistribute this content over the existing Internet infrastructure.

In the environment of the automation of industrial processes, the communication between the devices that intervene in the control of these systems, is a key issue to allow not only a correct operation, but also the supervision and control of these processes. The communications between devices are carried out through the use of different industrial communications protocols. A communication protocol is a set of rules that allows the transfer and exchange of data between the devices to communicate. As technological development in the field of electronics has progressed, automated control of industrial processes has been imposed on traditional production methods.

IIoT applications like remote monitoring and predictive maintenance require massive sensor networks that can continously capture granular data from assets and their functioning environments.

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