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Manufacture commercial washers, caps, dowels, rings, pins

Manufacture commercial washers, caps, dowels, rings, pins

Bring your questions to the workshop and get them discussed and answered by an experienced fastener engineer and instructor. Roselle Rd. The course is just 20 minutes from the convention center. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to set up on Monday morning and still attend the Golf Outing. Enjoy an afternoon of golf and relaxation.

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Alloy steel, aluminum, brass, silicon bronze, and stainless steel are just some of the materials that fasteners are manufactured in. The combination of material, treatment, hardening, and coating aka plating are essential to determining the strength and appropriate application for each fastener. Already know what kind of material you want to use? Visit our Shop by Materials page to shop only that material! If you need to replace a nut, washer, bolt or screw it is always recommended to perform an exact or matching swap.

If a bolt is stainless steel, we recommend replacing with stainless steel. Furthermore, if a bolt grade is stainless, prized for extra corrosion resistance, we always recommend using when replacing and not a lesser bolt grade such as or Select a category below to view a picture and information on that type of fastener material or plating methods. I'm Bob and today we're going to talk about different grades and types of bolts.

Let's get started. I have an array here of different types of materials. I want to go through the materials first and give them the magnetic test. So, I have a magnet here to show you. So first I have a stainless, which is this one here, I have a stainless, a brass hex cap screw and a silicon bronze hex cap screw, this is hot-dip galvanized, this is a plain grade eight or better zinc plated hex cap screw, another zinc hex cap screw but in a different grade, so this is just a standard grade, but I'll go through the grades in a second, and I have a grade 8 yellow zinc coated hex cap screw.

I just want to give these a magnet test, so you can see some are magnetized others are not. This is a stainless and in this situation there's no pull from the magnet. This is an which has very little pull, as you can see. Not much but there is some partial magnetic field to that. This is brass. Brass has no magnetic field to it at all.

This is silicon bronze. This is also, just so you know, used in heavy salt-water applications such as on boats. This is a heavily used item for fasteners with saltwater day in and day out.

No magnetic pull on that. This is a hot dip galvanized hex cap screw. So, this is alloy steel that is just coated with hot-dip galvanized zinc. You can get some decent corrosion resistance out of that, and you can see, the magnet sticks right to it. Grade 8. This is just a grade 8 plain bolt. Zinc coated or plated. Another zinc plated and then grade 8. You can see all these have heavy magnetism.

I just want to go through the different grades that we have. This is a grade 8 hex cap screw. You can tell by the markings on the head, but I'm going to show you an even better one. This is a large grade 8 bolt and there you can see the markings. These markings on this head indicate, these slashes that you see here, those slashes indicate that that's a grade 8 bolt.

These letters that you're seeing is the manufacturer's markings, so they can identify, should the bolt fail, they can identify if this is their bolt or not. So typically grade eight, in most cases, is coated in yellow zinc. You can see this bolt, it's coated with a yellow zinc. These are typically, grade eights, are heated to temperatures of degrees. These are very commonly used in situations where you need a very strong bolt. I have here a grade 5 bolt. You can see these three slashes.

So, three slashes on a grade 5 bolt. You'll see again these letters; these again are the manufacturers letters. You can see the grade 8. This is how you tell the difference. What you're buying. When you go out and you're looking for a grade 5 bolt, you're always looking for the three slashes on the bolt.

It's standard through the industry. This is a grade two bolt. This grade 2 bolt has no markings, no slashes at all. The only thing that you're going to see on here is the manufacturer's initials or their letters. This is a structural steel bolt, or they call this a structural bolt.

You can get structural bolts, structural washers, and structural nuts in A alloy , they have a , I think a or in nuts, but this is a structural bolt used in structural steel applications.

These are also, just so you know, plain and oiled finished. That's the only way they, oh I'm sorry, they do come in hot dip galvanized also, but the most common used is oil finish. As far as grades go, I was showing you the grades, most plain bolts, other than structural, will have the grade 8 markings on them. Ours are grade eight or better, and that's the way that they're indicated on our website, as grade 8 or better, and you will see the grade 8 slashes on the head.

That will indicate, the six slashes will indicate, that that's a grade 8 bolt and it has been treated, heat treated, through-throughout the bolt so it is hard enough not to break for you.

This I spoke to you before, hot-dip galvanized bolts are typically just grade 2 bolts and they are treated and dipped into a hot dip galvanized bath and they're brought out of the bath and then drained.

Silicon bronze is, like I said, mostly used on boats, saltwater applications, they're using electrical panels for many different reasons. This is very common in those applications. Brass again used in plumbing, hot water, these typically have no heavy strength to them at all. You would find these to be the standard type 2, or equal to type 2 bolts.

These are typically heated up to about degrees when they're treated. They can range anywhere from a grade two to a grade five depending upon the manufacturer. This is a grade stainless which is typically the fastener of choice in corrosive environments.

So, silicon bronze is composed of copper, silicon, and other alloys: tin, zinc, iron, magnesium, which makes them corrosion-resistant for marine and freshwater applications and they're used in electrical panels as I mentioned to you. You'll find alloy steel, which are these here. Alloy steel is made from high-strength steel alloy, heat-treated, so that would be the grade eight.

These are all alloys. Grade 8 is heat treated. These, over-time, just so you know, have a zinc finish on them and they do not have any long-lasting rust resistance at all. Hot dipped galvanized coat alloy steel. They're dipped in molten zinc. These typically have to have thicker threads.

You cannot use a zinc nut with a hot dip galvanized nut, it just won't go on properly and you're going to have problems. So, because of the hot dip galvanizing process, the zinc is so thick they have to adjust the threads, so they'd properly coat the thread. There would be rust resistance if hot dip galvanized. I just wanted to bring up about the brass, it's solid brass and with solid brass it's copper and zinc. There is brass out there that they do use lead in.

Lead is used today in many, many brass products. That's why in California there's a prop 65 warning that we have to warn that it could be cancerous. We do bring that to everybody's attention in reference to brass.

Brass is not always what they say or call a solid product. I just wanted to bring that to your attention and educate you on the different grades and the different coatings along with different metals that are used, and I just want to brush over the different heat treatments. So, with a grade 8, this falls under the SAE J You can look that up to go over on google.

Just google that and you'll find all the information in reference to the treatment of a grade 8 bolt. A grade 5 bolt falls under ASTM A grade A falls under ASTM specifications also and you can look those up on google to get further information.

Stainless steel is used primarily for long lasting applications, due to its corrosion-resistant nature and durability. Scratching or burring the metal will not create surface rust as the corrosion resistance exists within the metal itself.

Stainless is a soft metal due to the low carbon content, therefore most stainless steel bolts are cold-formed and not heat treated or thru-hardened. Cold forming and threading cause stainless bolts to become slightly magnetic, some fasteners will be more magnetic than others depending on size and how quick the cold forming process is. Stainless fasteners are typically a clean silver color, which also makes them common in finishing and decorative applications. Stainless Steel should never be used with aluminum, galvanic corrosion is likely to occur.

Fastener Technology International June/July 2019 : Cover

Catalogs will ship within 2 weeks. Every attempt will be made to add catalogs to your next order or standard UPS shipping charges will apply. Primary product lines include pins, grease fittings, retaining rings, machine keys, set screws, lanyards, lock nuts, screws, washers, bushings, o-rings, and electrical connectors.

A fastener US English or fastening UK English [1] is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. In general, fasteners are used to create non-permanent joints; that is, joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components. Steel fasteners are usually made of stainless steel , carbon steel , or alloy steel.

Its other activities include participation in international trade fairs, mounting trade delegations overseas and bringing out publications on various topical subjects related to the automotive industry. Your browser does not support the video tag. Deepak Jain. Vinnie Mehta.

Spring Dowels

Electro Hardware is committed to providing excellent products and services to all of our customers that demonstrate superior workmanship and technical excellence. We are dedicated to quality with attention to fast delivery, performance and total customer satisfaction. We utilize innovative products, systems, and ideas to satisfy customer requirements. We strive for customer satisfaction in the products we deliver and the services we provide. We believe that a significant component of customer satisfaction lies in our ability to rapidly respond to urgent requests and immediate needs. Our success is firmly tied to the success of our customers thus we strive to provide the services and products that help our customers excel in their own organizations. Since , Electro Hardware has been a leading distribution company, supplying various industries with precision electronic hardware, fasteners, and various other products. Products That Make a Splash. Constant Section Retaining Rings. Wave Springs.

Arizona Industrial Hardware

Toll Free Tel Fax Click to Enlarge. Our staff of sourcing experts locate high quality products, at competitive prices delivered when you need them. Whether you need standard rivets, screws and washers or certified bolts, nuts and stainless steel hardware with certification documentation, we will find it at the right price and deliver it on time. Through long-standing relationships with our partners in manufacturing and secondary processes, we are able to meet off-the-shelf, semi-custom and made-to-specification fastener requirements.

In the next eight pages, you will find catalogs and brochures for 64 fastener manufacturers, master distributors, importers and service companies available to the readers of the American Fastener Journal. You can call, fax or email your requests directly to the companies or visit their websites.

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American Fastener Journal - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018

The program had its kickoff meeting and first class on April 14, at Rutgers Business School in Newark. The seven month program runs through the end of October. The SBA Emerging Leaders Program is a federal training initiative that specifically focuses on executives of businesses poised for growth.

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Wooden Dowels, Dowel Rods & Pins Suppliers

Download our brochure. Their worldwide production facilities and distribution channels give you the capacity you need to ensure a timely supply for even the highest-volume OEM applications. Our representatives are ready to take your call today to get you on the right path, the Dale way! Tool and dieindustry standards; also replace costly special parts-shafts, pivots, clevis pins, guides, trunnion mountings, linkages, etc. Low heads streamline design, use in materials too thin to countersink; also for noncritical loading requiring heat treated screws.

Dec 4, - Machine screws, threaded rods or hanger bolts? posts, thick washers, dowel pins, and architectural standoffs & spacers. Darling specializes in large and long socket head caps, hex head cap screws, Manufacturer of Drop Forged Industrial Hardware in Carbon, Alloy & Stainless Steels.

Provide Feedback. Manufacturer of wooden dowel rods including curtain rods. Available in various sizes. Made from birch, poplar, hickory, oak, maple, cherry, mahogany and walnut wood. Used by contractors, carpenters, furniture manufacturers, builders and hobbyists.

Alloy steel, aluminum, brass, silicon bronze, and stainless steel are just some of the materials that fasteners are manufactured in. The combination of material, treatment, hardening, and coating aka plating are essential to determining the strength and appropriate application for each fastener. Already know what kind of material you want to use? Visit our Shop by Materials page to shop only that material!

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Industrial fasteners are hardware that are used to hold materials together. This category is incredibly broad; over , types of hardware fall under the fastener umbrella.

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