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Plant commercial tops

Plant commercial tops

Both of which are different than sweet corn, which we all love to eat off the ear with lots of butter and salt. Commercial corn is the majority of what you will see planted across Iowa. It is used in everything from corn flakes, plastics, syrups, and ethanol. What a versatile plant! Commercial corn is of course planted, sprayed, and then harvested. There are not a whole lot of extra steps that are taken.

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France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

When David Michaels moved to Chicago this year, he chose the Emme apartment building in part because of the third-floor green roof, which has a lawn, an area for grilling, fire pits and a 3,square-foot vegetable garden.

Michaels said. And we like that they host classes out there. The Emme actually has two rooftop gardens — the one visible to residents on a deck on the third floor and a 5,square-foot garden on the roof of the story building. Both are run by the Roof Crop , an urban farm that grows food for restaurants on a handful of roofs in Chicago.

Residents at the Emme can also subscribe to regular bundles of rooftop-grown fruits and vegetables. As concerns about climate change and dwindling natural resources grow, green roofs have become increasingly popular.

The Toronto-based organization Green Roofs for Healthy Cities estimates an increase of about 15 percent in the number of green roofs in North America since While it is difficult to calculate the savings, as utility costs vary from city to city, the National Research Council of Canada estimates a green roof can reduce air-conditioning use in a building by as much as 75 percent.

Beyond the energy savings, by lowering air-conditioning demand, green roofs also help to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

As understanding of the benefits grows, more cities around the world are passing green roof legislation. In Copenhagen began requiring green roofs on all new commercial buildings with a roof slope of less than 30 degrees.

The same year, San Francisco began requiring that 15 to 30 percent of roof space on new buildings incorporate solar panels, green roofs or both.

More recently, the New York City Council passed a suite of measures to reduce greenhouse gases, including a requirement for green roofs, solar panels or a combination of both on newly constructed buildings. Other cities support green roofs through non-legislative measures; Washington, D. Toronto was the first city in North America to pass a green roof law, in , requiring new buildings or additions that are greater than 21, square feet to cover between 20 and 60 percent of their buildings with vegetation.

Many that do seek exemptions are simply looking to install smaller green roofs than are required by the Green Roof Bylaw. Simply put, a green roof is one that allows for the growth of vegetation, but the process is more involved than plopping down a few potted plants.

Typically, a green or living roof is constructed of several layers including a waterproof membrane, a root barrier, a drainage layer, a growing medium — soil is too heavy — and plants. As green roofs have become amenities for residents and employees, they often also include picnic tables, benches, fire pits and other extras.

Residents were presented with three designs — one that evoked a circus, one modeled after an English garden and one that brought to mind a city park. Residents voted for the park in the early s, and today, the 22,square-foot roof features flower beds, trees, an herb garden, gazebos and specially-made picnic tables that are wheelchair-accessible.

We have member events there. They essentially invented the lightweight extensive system. In the s, German horticulturists, construction companies and others began developing waterproofing technologies and researching blends of growing mediums that would be lighter than soil. In the s, Germany passed a mix of local and federal laws encouraging green roof development and today the country features approximately ,, square feet of living roof.

The state-of-the-art facility uses 33 test beds, a weather station and more than sensors gathering data on soil moisture, flow rates, temperature, rainfall, humidity and amounts of sun and wind to help researchers assess and improve green roof performance.

Research like this helped overcome some early hurdles when ambitious designs, plant choice, lack of irrigation or a combination of factors left plants dying and green roofs turning brown. We want them to be goof proof. Air temperatures in cities, particularly after sunset, can be as much as 22 degrees Fahrenheit around 12 degrees Celsius warmer than less developed regions.

The elevated temperatures raise energy consumption, increase air pollutants and compromise human health, with extreme heat now causing more deaths in the United States than all other weather events combined, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The vegetation on a living roof cools the surrounding air through evapotranspiration, the process in which moisture in plant leaves evaporates into the air, essentially working like an outdoor air-conditioning system.

In addition, the increased insulation and decreased need for air-conditioning means less overheated air is put back into the surrounding environment. The plants on green roofs also work like a giant sponge, soaking up water and therefore reducing the amount of rainwater that reaches street level, lowering the risk of flooding, minimizing sewer system overflow and filtering dirty runoff. Peck said. If you want to have drinkable, fishable, swimmable water in and around our cities, we need to capture storm water and use it as a resource, instead of just getting it away from the buildings as soon as possible.

Beyond the long list of financial, health and environmental benefits, green roofs have become valued amenities in residential buildings. Kushner and her partner — who proposed on the roof — go up there several times a week. One early cause of hesitation in adopting living roofs was the upfront cost. Green roofs cost two to three times as much as a traditional roof. Domanska said. Over time it saves money. That was very attractive to the people who live here. Now people see all the benefits, but initially it was about the savings.

Studies bear this out. Almost two-thirds of that would be in reduced energy needs for the building below. We have research that shows the benefits of green roofs.

It seems clear that the cities that invest in green infrastructure will be the cities that thrive.

Growing Garlic

Contents - Previous - Next. Bulb onions and garlic Allium cepa, A. Onions and garlic of different types are grown worldwide for the flavour they contribute to food. They are also commonly regarded as having medicinal properties.

Image Credit: Peter Kent. The world is beating a path to his door.

Maintaining top quality requires care and attention. Weeding is important as garlic does not like competition. Watering and not watering, harvesting on time and curing properly are all important for producing bulbs with good keeping qualities. Garlic will grow under a wide variety of soil conditions.

If I Cut the Flower Off My Tobacco Plant, Will It Die?

Rooftops on new buildings built in commercial zones in France must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels, under a law approved on Thursday. Green roofs have an isolating effect, helping reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a building in winter and cool it in summer. They also retain rainwater, thus helping reduce problems with runoff, while favouring biodiversity and giving birds a place to nest in the urban jungle, ecologists say. The law approved by parliament was more limited in scope than initial calls by French environmental activists to make green roofs that cover the entire surface mandatory on all new buildings. The Socialist government convinced activists to limit the scope of the law to commercial buildings. The law was also made less onerous for businesses by requiring only part of the roof to be covered with plants, and giving them the choice of installing solar panels to generate electricity instead. Fossil fuel ticker. Topics France. Europe Renewable energy Energy news.

Pineapple Growing

When David Michaels moved to Chicago this year, he chose the Emme apartment building in part because of the third-floor green roof, which has a lawn, an area for grilling, fire pits and a 3,square-foot vegetable garden. Michaels said. And we like that they host classes out there. The Emme actually has two rooftop gardens — the one visible to residents on a deck on the third floor and a 5,square-foot garden on the roof of the story building. Both are run by the Roof Crop , an urban farm that grows food for restaurants on a handful of roofs in Chicago.

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How to top cannabis plants for bigger yields

M ost beginners start pineapple growing by planting the tops of shop bought pineapples. That's a good way to play around and doesn't cost anything. If you eat pineapples you have the tops left over anyway. However, growing pineapple tops is a slow way to grow pineapples.

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Grafting mixes and matches plant roots and tops

Having stood reserve with different animals in the beef inter-breed at the show on two previous occasions, this marked a first-time overall championship win for the pair. Shown in calf with its first to Housesteds Evio, the home-bred heifer is by Halbeath Kitemark, a bull bought from Martin McCormick, Newton Stewart, three years ago and out of Caruthers dam. Although shown in previous years, the home-bred Co-Op Bosside Massey daughter topped at Dumfries on what was its first outing this season. Classified EX92 and having calved in February with its fourth, the cow was shown giving 45 litres daily and resides with the families head Errolston herd. L Jackson, Holywood, Dumfries. By Teiglum Youngun, the home-bred ewe is a Douganhill Urrstar daughter which had stood second to its sister, the overall Texel champion at Stewartry earlier in the season. Before stepping up in the inter-breed, Beyonce marked a fifteenth consecutive breed championship win for the family at Dumfries earlier in the day.

Aug 9, - Topping is the tried-and-true method preferred by outdoor and large commercial farmers. Many growers will often top a plant multiple times to.

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Commercial tops Dumfries beef line-up

Nexus has been designing affordable greenhouse structures for you, the grower, since We have built our reputation on structures of uncompromising quality and the best customer service in the industry. Our broad range of products use cutting edge technology in heating and cooling to plant movement and automation in our designs. Our energy efficient greenhouses will use coverings and ventilation methods to give you the most economical growing environment in the industry.

Commercial Growers

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Tobacco has a long and sometimes controversial history in the New World.

Main Menu. I currently do not have a market for the remaining amount of the catnip. I see that your information states that you can raise approximately 4. What I was wondering was how much dried weight could someone expect to produce on just the flowering tops?

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