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Produce industrial technological equipment and apparatus for applying coatings

Produce industrial technological equipment and apparatus for applying coatings

We are working on developing new materials aiming to reduce weight and improve heat resistance and on developing shaped material processes such as casting, forging, and powder metallurgy. We are also advancing the development of technology for evaluating a material residual life and the understanding of a material deterioration mechanism by the aid of sophisticated analysis equipment. In the field of structural strength, structural analysis, and structural vibration technologies, we are working on the research and development of the evaluation of new material strength, new manufacturing processes, high-temperature strength prediction simulation, and also advancing the research and development of seismic resistance, seismic isolation, and vibration control technologies for supporting safety and security. We are contributing to increasing the efficiency of, improving the reliability of, and reducing the environmental loads of turbochargers, industrial compressors, aero-engines, gas turbines, diesel engines, gas engines, and so on using advanced numerical analysis technology, element test and measurement technology.

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Web based coating is echo-friendly, food grade, recyclable and being water based, free from fire hazard. Air handling unit with HEPA filters,Ducting with insulation;Chilled water piping; electrical cabling and panels; Chilled water pump; Chilled water control. Ducting with insulation; chilled water piping;electrical cabling and panels; chilled water pump; chilled water control. Solvent extraction unit attached with stripping unit Extractor capacity - kg.

Manufacturing of Aroma chemicalsHydroxycit- ronellal Ionones Rose crystals Orange crystals Glass lined reactor cap 60 liters Chilling plant cap 2. Fractionation unit cap kg Cold press expeller for extraction of Neem oil with higher Azadirachtin content. Capacity of expeller - 9 Volts. To obtain Neem oil of improved quality for preparation of pesticide and other pharmaceutical preparation. Suggested for the units where soft compounds are used for the manufacture of products like hawaisheets, mats etc.

Relatively high output, less pollution due to avoidance flying chemicals. By using this machinery, the additional operation of warming of rubber compound prior to extrusion can be avoided. This increases out put of the unit as this eliminates one intermediate operation. Presently the rubber bands are being manufactured from latex by dipping technology. By using multi channel extruder, rubber bands can be manufactured from dry rubber. Advantages are high out put, no pollution, minimum cost of production.

Eliminate bumbing operation for the removal of entrapped air in the product. Minimum rejection high output. Boiler, heat exchanger with complete accessories, packaging machine, electronic weighing machine, etc.

Rice Milling with rubber roller cum sheller without parboiling and modern rice milling with parboiling system. Paddy cleaner, destoner, rubber roller cum Sheller, paddy separator, boiler, par boiling system, dryer, colour sorter, cone polisher, quality control lab and pollution control. Improved quality and productivity of ice cream and maintenance of sanitary and hygienic conditions. Fully controlled sanitation and hygienic conditions of employees and premises Vaccination to new hatched chicks automation Fully automatics and controlled incubation system with quality control labs Pollution control equipment Variables as per actuals.

Quality hatched with more disease resistance capacity. Better value addition through export of day old chicks. High value addition and export opportunities. Resin Impregnation Technology for stone strength enhancement resin coating plants, ovens, compressors, resin guns etc.

Laser Technology Duplicating Machines, Pantographs, etc. Capability to mass-produce intricate product patterns, maintain high precision and introduce new product lines. Recovery of water, reduction in waste volume, improvement in ambient air, soil and water quality. The improved version will have better fuel efficiency and longer life as compared to the conventional one. It may be employed in case of demand of a particular kind of glass is kg. The improved version of Pot Arch overcomes these difficulties.

Conventional Pot making facilities lack these things and does not yield good quality Pots. A small in house laboratory to meet the need for simple and routine tests will prove very helpful in quality control and improve productivity. Its implementation will improve thermal efficiency of the furnace along with the working environment by reducing heat losses through furnace structure, recycling waste heat and improving furnace life and ease of furnace operation.

Gas fired muffle furnace will improve productivity, the working condition and the working environment. Conventional system of Firozabad Glass Industry creates lot of dusting and health hazards to the workers. A properly designed system will be free from dusting and will reduce health hazards by providing improved working condition will improve. Spinning Machine 1-Head 2-Head 3-Head. Flat and round items like Bowls, Plates etc. Presently, in Firozabad, these are produced mostly by Press machine.

Multi coloured Glass Beads have very good export value. These are mostly produced domestically in rural areas using Coal fired ovens which creates very dirty and unhygienic atmosphere. Longer life. Suitable for very fine grinding below 10 micron.

Saving of colour. Uniform contrast Easy in application Lower wastage Lower pollution due to washing as all the washing may be easily collected where as in the ball mill the washing is left in the drainage. To remove air pockets inside the body. Helpful to improve strength. Homogeneous pressing Defect free product Complicated shapes can be made No requirement of Plaster of Paris mould Higher strength and quality product. Tested technology, Indigenously developed, quality of tiles much better, less drying time, less warpage and breakage of tiles.

Uniform temperature distribution Fast production Low fuel consumption Low rejection Easy operation Lower maintenance required. Easy for loading of ware Easy in replacement of setting homogeneous heat flow Lower wastage of refractory material. Lower pollution Easy operation for making of granules Higher production Homogeneous granules size Lower wastage. Fast production Easy making of granules Quality granules product Easy operation Low wastage Time saving.

Note : Price of the machines depend upon the quality, capacity, company, model etc. No need the adjust manually the types of skiving again and again. Very fast production with tremendous accuracy. Gives control over the temperature and pressure at which the clothes are attached resulting strong bonding and better quality. Most important machine for shoe making. Accurate, faster, and less spacey. Required less people and also environ friendly. Both the operation is done by one machine results in less messy and faster production.

Also reduce the adhesive wastage. Humidifies and gives the shape of moccasin types of shoe. Enhance the quality and productivity of moccasin. Essential for last development, accurately copy of any last sampling. A major boon to new product development. Without this machine the moulding of insole can never be correct.

Increase the rate of production. Long term reliability, accuracy ensures product quality, consistency and improved productivity, product as per the national and international standards. Automatic coil winding machine. Vacuum Impregnation plant. Hydraulic press for stacking and shaft fixing Surface grinder for finishing the rotorDynamic balancing machine Testing equipment as per BIS.

Automatic filling machine for MgO powder Swaging machine Thermostatically temperature controlled oven for annealing. Increase in Insulation and dielectric properties Increase in life of the element Reduced rejection. Improvement in quality and reliability. CNC Core Cutting Machine of high efficiency to cut brittle glassy metal of thickness less than 50 microns. Reduction in transmission loss of electrical energy Reduction in electricity expenses, man-power reduction and accurate To soften metals during working.

Reduction in no load losses, Increased efficiency of the end product material saving in rejection. Extruder with proper temperature control, pre-heating etc. Metallurgical Microscope with image analyzer, photographic attachment. Stroh lien apparatus, Muffle furnace, hot plate, Glassware etc. Note : Cross references of Technologies approved for Forging, Foundry and General Engineering Industry under guidelines can be taken which are also applicable for Auto parts and components.

Quality Improvement, Increased durability of the product, Higher productivity, Better working environment, Minimized air pollution, Better market acceptability. Quality Improvement, Increased durability of the product, Higher productivity, Better working environment, Minimized air pollution, better market acceptability. Higher cutting accuracy,Preferred for Alloy steel cutting,Technologically recommended for upset forging. Facilitate for better house keeping. Clean work environment.

Suitable for high value items such as rear axle shaft, dead axle shaft, etc. Metallurgical Testing : Metallurgical Microscope with image analyzer, photographic attachment, sample preparation machines. Quality assurance, Defect analysis, Diversification e. Iron production equipment essential to meet process control requirements.

Stroholien Apparatus, Muffle furnace, Hot plate, Glass ware etc. Quality control, Defect investigation, Quality assurance, Consistency in quality, Reduced defective casting, Cost control.

Flexibility to produce ferrous castings of all grades, Flexibility for charge mix selection, Best melt quality, Eco friendly. Metallurgical Testing: Metallurgical Microscope with image analyzer, photographic attachment, sample preparation machines. SG Iron Production equipment essential to meet process control requirements.


Medical Coatings and Deposition Technologies is an important new addition to the libraries of medical device designers and manufacturers. Coatings enable the properties of the surface of a device to be controlled independently from the underlying bulk properties; they are often critical to the performance of the device and their use is rapidly growing. This book provides an introduction to many of the most important types of coatings used on modern medical devices as well as descriptions of the techniques by which they are applied and methods for testing their efficacy.

Polyethylene was first discovered by two chemists at ICI in England by accident in This aided the growth of the entire music industry from phonograph records and record playing devices, making available a wide array of recorded audio music venues to consumers, raising their spirts worldwide. In , chemist Roy Plunkett, also of DuPont, discovered Teflon — now commonly found in nearly all household kitchenware and commercial bakeware.

ASTM's paint and related coating standards are instrumental in specifying and evaluating the physical and chemical properties of various paints and coatings that are applied to certain bulk materials to improve their surface properties. Guides are also provided for the proper methods of applying these coatings, which also include enamels, varnishes, electroplatings, pigments, and solvents. These paint and related coating standards help paint manufacturers and end-users in the appropriate testing and application procedures for the coating of their concern. Additive Manufacturing Standards. Cement Standards and Concrete Standards.

Technologies supporting IHI Products

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. With quick, reliable service and support, CSI is your choice for complete spraying packages. These advanced products are sure to maximize your performance on the job site. CSI offers a complete selection of airless spray guns in a wide range of working pressures that provide durability, long life, comfortable design and the ultimate in spraying performance. Choosing a quality spray tip has a direct result on the quality of the finished paint job. CSI carries a complete selection of high performance airless tips that provide dependable performance in the most demanding work environments of industrial painters. CSI provides plural component sprayers designed to spray the toughest two component materials with precise mixing and ratio accuracy. These systems are fully configurable for fixed or variable ratio applications. Air assisted airless pumps combine the speed of airless application with the fine finish atomization of air spray making it ideal for many finishing and coating applications requiring high production levels and a quality finish.


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Technology of powder coating:. The main difference between conventional liquid coloring technology and polymer powder coating technology is that the powder paint does not require a solvent and binder, and also that the powder paint is in a solid aggregate state.

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Pvd Coating Gun

This invention relates to an auxiliary apparatus which makes possible to apply protective decorative or otherwise special coating on only one side of sheets or strips on conventional two-side coating lines. Apparatus is well known for protective coating of sheets and strips on both sides by galvanizing, tinning aluminizing etc. Such apparatus consists of treatment lines comprising strip uncoilers, facilities for surface treating both sides before coating, facilities for applying the coating, facilities for finishing the coated materials and handling facilities for the coated strips or sheets.

We develop and produce all conventional coating systems under one roof. We are thus able to offer our customers not only all the important coating technologies but can also match these to the respective coating structure and finish to optimum effect. KG nor has it been authorised by the company. Access our corrosion protection stock list via our portal and find your product in our portfolio. Access the useful VOC, cost-efficiency and energy calculators via our portal.

Chocolate Making Equipment

No matter whether you are a small scale artisan chocolate producer or seeking to implement an industrial-scale chocolate production facility, there are new technologies that can help you improve your product quality and production efficiency. Our partners are world-leading manufacturers of chocolate making equipment suited for all scales of production and servicing all parts of the chocolate market. Our range of equipment covers all aspects of chocolate making, from storage of raw ingredients through to tempering, enrobing, moulding and packaging. We can help you improve your production of chocolate enrobed bars, biscuits and cookies, chocolate tablets, chocolate hollow figures and chocolate pralines. We offer a wide range of equipment to help you produce your own chocolate, even as far as processing your own raw cocoa beans. Chocolate enrobing and depositing solutions: our partners manufacture a huge range of depositing and enrobing machines, allowing you to expand your product range without impacting on quality.

Mathis AG:: Worldwide competence in dyeing and coating; Plant and mechanical engineering in the dyeing and coating sectors for standard laboratory and production equipment and The needs of the chemical industry are extremely varied - Mathis has the Functional and technical textiles for the highest demands.

Paint is a term used to describe a number of substances that consist of a pigment suspended in a liquid or paste vehicle such as oil or water. With a brush, a roller, or a spray gun, paint is applied in a thin coat to various surfaces such as wood, metal, or stone. Although its primary purpose is to protect the surface to which it is applied, paint also provides decoration.

Beyond the Surface: Examining Coatings and Surface Treatment Options

Contact us for services such as PVD coating, reconditioning, regrinding, resharpening, tool management and tool manufacturing. Optical film equipment can be prepared in a variety of optical coatings have occurred, such as conductive films, solar cells, antireflection film , used in electronic , digital , solar, glass , decoration and other industries. PVD is a process stands for Physical Vapor Deposition for applying hard surface coatings to various substrate materials.

Powder Coating

The segment focuses on the production of individual goods, small series or systems comprised of several machines in the plant construction field. It is strongly influenced by the medium-sized business segment and has a high degree of vertical integration. The sector relies on a wide range of materials made of e. WIKUS tools not only allow flexibility with respect to the application range, and therefore high blade-lives also in mixed mode, but also highly precise cutting results to reduce rework.

Composites comprising the object with a uniform thin film coating on at least all or part of the complex surface are also disclosed.

Web based coating is echo-friendly, food grade, recyclable and being water based, free from fire hazard. Air handling unit with HEPA filters,Ducting with insulation;Chilled water piping; electrical cabling and panels; Chilled water pump; Chilled water control. Ducting with insulation; chilled water piping;electrical cabling and panels; chilled water pump; chilled water control. Solvent extraction unit attached with stripping unit Extractor capacity - kg. Manufacturing of Aroma chemicalsHydroxycit- ronellal Ionones Rose crystals Orange crystals Glass lined reactor cap 60 liters Chilling plant cap 2.

A coating is a covering that is applied to the surface of an object, usually referred to as the substrate. The purpose of applying the coating may be decorative, functional, or both. The coating itself may be an all-over coating, completely covering the substrate, or it may only cover parts of the substrate. An example of all of these types of coating is a product label on many drinks bottles- one side has an all-over functional coating the adhesive and the other side has one or more decorative coatings in an appropriate pattern the printing to form the words and images. Paints and lacquers are coatings that mostly have dual uses of protecting the substrate and being decorative, although some artists paints are only for decoration, and the paint on large industrial pipes is presumably only for the function of preventing corrosion. Functional coatings may be applied to change the surface properties of the substrate, such as adhesion , wettability , corrosion resistance , or wear resistance.

Advancements in coatings technologies enable greater benefits to manufacturers for their devices. All rights reserved. Use of this constitutes acceptance of our privacy policy The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Rodman Media.

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