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Produce industry soft artificial leather

Produce industry soft artificial leather

The fundamental difference between real leather and faux leather is their origin. Real leather is made from animal hides, including cattle, buffalo, oxen, sheep and more. There are many factors to consider when deciding between real and faux leather: durability, cost, look, application and ethics all come into play. There are different types of leather grades based on how the leather is processed and treated. Hide is made up of two main layers. The top layer is called the grain where collagen fibers are tightly packed, very sturdy and thicker than the corium, the inner layer of the hide.

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Faux Leather: Better Than Real?

We are manufacturing prime quality PVC Leather products that add elegance with class. Many of us be in style, and being in style often takes decent and alluring stuff. Synthetic Leather or PVC Leather cloth is also being used in other applications equally adds versatile utility with wear and tear and fire resistance. With this, we are ruling in Style since as Crescent Polyvinyl, with an annual turnover of near about crores approx.

Consumer goods like: Laptop bags, Leather bags, Sofa sets, Belts, Specs covers are made from Synthetic and artificial leather. Our state of the art factory designs produces one of the finest synthetic leather products your eyes have seen.

We have a supply chain that is growing every hour with the huge demand for our high-quality products which is coupled by a distribution network with an outreach capability around the globe. Talking about global outreach, we are the primary exporters of quality PVC leather products to more than 10 markets worldwide. OUR DRIVE : To produce such a high-quality grade product what we have come up with is massive state of the art factories which facilitate and impart the proficient talent pool of amazing chemists and Polymer scientists, who work with advanced technologies to come up such an EUREKA!

Of a product. Our ingenious and innovative designs are tailored in such a way that they are versatile for use in any form and specification.

That is a promise that we abide by. If we take a look back a few years, the major industries making use of materials for their line-up of products be it cars, furniture, baggage or footwear, all seem to had but a few options ranging from fabrics to genuine leather.

However, if you take a seat back and look at the current market trend all you can see is synthetic leather almost everywhere. The primary reason for that is that synthetic leather possesses so many advantages over its counter parts that it may now be considered the king of fabrics.

Listing the advantages, for starters, leatherette sits right in between the low-cost fabric and genuine leather in terms of cost. And the tendency of major industry leaders is to switch from these low-cost fabrics or expensive genuine leather to synthetic leather.

What has brought about this change, you ask, is the more efficient production process in the synthetic leather arena. Crescent Polyvinyl has a high-tech and really Developed infrastructure facilities available according to the demands of the consumer of upcoming generation.

There available resources support them to develop and produce the product in a more efficient way offered in a huge quantity. The infrastructure encompasses manufacturing unit, quality control unit, administrative and warehouse unit as well.

This always helped the Crescent Polyvinyl to deliver the bulk consignment successfully on and in time as well. There designers prototype the product in an adherence way towards the global quality level.

Our products cater to different markets and are fast replacing genuine leather due to its unique features. We have a multi-processing setup which gives us the ability to manufacture both solid and expanded Leather Cloth with an option of unsupported and supported specifications.

Crescent Polyvinyl adds specific features to its Artificial Leather range to meet the usability standards. You will see our products having unique features such as stain resistance and temperature stabilization for automotive, while Cold Crack and High Abrasion resistance for Footwear. Crescent Polyvinyl manufactures most of its textile substrate requirements in-house in order to maintain quality consistency.

From Non-Woven, Polyesters, Nylon, Cotton to Specific Blends, no matter what your substrate and product requirement, we have got you covered. Unparalleled design range with over embossing designs and print designs to choose from, Crescent Polyvinyl has the most advanced coating plant in the country, with an all Advance set-up starting from power generators to the coating lines and post processing machines.

We operate coating lines, 2 laminators, 2 multi-colour printers, 2 tumbling machines, 2 pilot sampling lines, a perforation line and an automated packing line at our Leatherette manufacturing units. Also, we are the only Indian manufacturers that can manufacture PVC, Vinyl Flooring Cloth in width up to 2 meters and recycle all its waste including air fumes, generated from our facility.

We keep ourselves updated with the market and introduce new products and designs on a monthly basis. The largest component of Artificial or Synthetic Leather sales at Crescent Polyvinyl is the automotive sector, where we are one of the biggest suppliers to auto giants in India and abroad.

Internationally, Crescent Polyvinyl has a network of distributors in GCC countries that cover all continents in terms of local support. These distributors stock the entire leather cloth range and offer installation assistance too. Upholstery has always been the forefront for the fabric industry. And while there are old school people still around who would prefer cloth over synth We manufacture vinyl for automotive industry in Pune.

Here PVC vinyl clothing is being used as upholstery in automotive seat-covers, door covers, dash Handbags or carry bags have always been a form of fashion statement.

PVC leather can make this possible because the vast amount of designs in color an Crescent vinyl also manufactures footwear PVC skins. This footwear vinyl for use as soles for boots, leather shoe lining, etc. We also supply vinyl skins to World's Sports Industries.

Many sports goods products are made up of leather. It applied on sports goods items renders c In Railways, the material for seat berths fabric is the key technical textile usage. Material used in the berths is polyurethane foam and rexine cloth We render its Vinyl to almost each industry including Stationery, manufactured in Delhi.

Vinyl fabric and textiles are being used for manufacturi Office Address :. Gadgil Showroom,Sr. Factory Address :. E-mail: sales crescentpolyvinyl.

Automotive Upholstery- Four Wheeler. Satisfaction of our customers first. Two Wheel Upholstery. Domestic Furnishings. Innovation Craftmanship Performance. Superior Quality for Luggage Industry. Soft Leather for Footwear Industry. Natural Feel - Transport Industry.

What we do If we take a look back a few years, the major industries making use of materials for their line-up of products be it cars, furniture, baggage or footwear, all seem to had but a few options ranging from fabrics to genuine leather.

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A new generation of faux leather

In the production of synthetic leather, the raw materials acquired from the earth are heavily processed to make polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane and excess chemicals during processing are recycled. Product durability seems to be a good solution for waste management by inhibiting the speed of the product life cycle with better raw materials Blackburn, However, lowering the product consumption is the best solution. Instead of creating more product life cycles with recycled material, it would be ideal to have a lower demand for the product and thus a lower amount of extracted resources, used energy, and harmful emissions.

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Brands : Accura. Refine your search Locate the companies on a map. Moda Chroma S. We are the main faux leather manufacturer in Greece and we export to Europe

All You Need To Know About Vegan Leather

Artificial leather is also known as synthetic leather made from tanned animal hides. Artificial leather is durable, stain resistance and cheaper compared to real leather. Strict government regulations in killing animal for producing genuine leather, high cost and insufficient supplies has brought the demand of artificial leather. Based on types, artificial leather is segmented into polyurethane PU , polyvinyl chloride PVC , bio based. Polyurethane leather is faster growing segment over the forecasted period PU based artificial leather is easier to clean and environment friendly compared to PVC based artificial coating, as it does not create dioxins. PU based artificial leather is made up of coating cotton or soft polymer which makes it ideal for garment and car interiors manufacturing. PVC is second leading segment owing to low cost compared to PU based artificial leather. These leather is made up of adding plasticizers and dyed to PVC so that fabric are made softer.

Artificial leather

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Artificial leather also known as synthetic leather is marketed under different names such as faux leather, PU leather, pleather, leatherette and vegan leather.

Faux leather, also known as synthetic leather, is a petroleum-based alternative to genuine leather. While faux leather has many of the same desirable attributes of genuine leather, it is not necessary to harm animals to create this substance. Like real leather, faux leather is soft to the touch, and it is water-resistant.

What is Faux Leather Fabric: Properties, How its Made and Where

We are manufacturing prime quality PVC Leather products that add elegance with class. Many of us be in style, and being in style often takes decent and alluring stuff. Synthetic Leather or PVC Leather cloth is also being used in other applications equally adds versatile utility with wear and tear and fire resistance. With this, we are ruling in Style since as Crescent Polyvinyl, with an annual turnover of near about crores approx.

Conventional PU, however, has the disadvantage that moisture and bacteria can penetrate through the openness of the pores and thus permanently damage the PU. A new manufacturing process enables PU artificial leather to be produced with closed pores, so that there are no fractures in the surface - it is much more durable and hard-wearing. Our modern faux leathers are also particularly soft and insensitive to soiling. They are quick and easy to clean. With over , rubbing cycles, our faux leathers are durable and robust. Due to their permanent bi-elasticity, the materials can be easily upholstered according to all processes customary in the upholstery industry.

What is Faux Leather?

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Artificial leather, also called synthetic leather, is a material intended to substitute for leather in The production of the PVC used in the production of many artificial leathers requires a plasticizer called a phthalate to make it flexible and soft. PVC requires petroleum and large amounts of energy thus making it reliant on fossil  ‎Manufacture · ‎Environmental impact · ‎Clothing and fabric uses · ‎Brand names.

PU leather short for polyurethane leather is getting more and more popular. Since the downsides of conventional leather with regard to sustainability and ethics get more obvious many people are looking for alternatives and similiar solutions. The chinese have already done a lot of research and development work when it comes to pu leather and it seems to be a very promising substitute to real leather. There are many differences, most positive but some negative, when compared to other leather kinds.

What is PU Leather / Polyurethane Leather? Everything you need to know!

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The global synthetic leather market size was valued at USD

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Winner Nippon Leatherette Pvt. At Winner Nippon, we manufacture highly technical textile i. Our wide range of products has a great market share whole over India and due to the good quality and large variety, our products have always been appreciated by our valuable clients. Ritu Singal, the young entrepreneur with her vision and aspiration, after the demise of her husband in , took over the charge as head of the organization. In such a short span of time, Ms.

Faux leather is one of several names given to artificial or synthetic leather. These names are often used to describe specific end uses of synthetic leather products such as faux leather sofa, chair and headboard upholstery , leatherette auto upholstery, clothing , and koskin consumer goods. Vinyl synthetic leather has been produced in the United States since the s, initially for products such as shoes, automobile interiors and upholstery. In the late s DuPont and other chemical companies began developing polyurethane products.

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