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Warehouse industry products from sitalls and slag metal

Warehouse industry products from sitalls and slag metal

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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Kuloyan, V. Drachenko, B. Portnov, et at. Sep 88]. Jun-Aug 88] Frolov, A. Kubarev, G. Kochin, N. Ivanov, V. Kulikov, Ye. Revin, et at. Kuloyan, doctor of technical sciences, and Docent V. In contrast with organic or nuclear fuel, there are no economical methods of water transport, especially when it is a question of a major consumer, such as a thermal power plant TES , or particularly a nuclear plant AES.

The most radical solution is to replace water with air as the cooling agent. Therefore, the problem is being tackled by condensation cooling facilities, including a cooling tower of surface radiator type, and a condenser, usually of the mixing type.

The water saved on the order of million cubic kilometers per year made it possible to economize the water resources of Sevan and expand the scale of irrigated farmland in the republic. Reliable TES operation and long term operation of the equipment depend significantly on the water chemistry regime of the generating units.

The aluminum pipes of the cooling tower form a closed circuit of cooling water. At the same time, this is supplied to the steam boilers. While the most stringent demands are placed on the purity of the feed water. And this was made possible by the creative collaboration of the Razdan power engineers with members of the central power engineering organizations. After lengthy experimental studies, the best suited of the different alternatives of the water chemistry regime was selected.

The nearly total suppression of corrosion of its tubes, as well as the consequent elimination of periodic chemical cleaning procedures with the generating units standing idle , have substantially increased the working reliability and service lifetime.

The new regime should also solve another critical problem, involving the suppression of formation of deposits in the boiler shield pipes. The water cleaning and water regime technology developed and successfully demonstrated at the Razdan GrES is a brilliant example of the implementation of the strategic policy of the party in developing the economy on a foundation of scientific-technical and technological progress.

It is in perfect harmony with the increased demands for economization of natural resources and protection of the environment.

This program is therefore of great economic importance to the entire Soviet Union. This is especially urgent today for the Armenian SSR, the power system of which is expected to expand primarily by enlargement and modernization of the existing TES. A decision has been made to accelerate the expansion of the Razdan GrES resulting in a doubling of its capacity by installation of four generating units of MW capacity.

And no less important, all of these are to operate with dry cooling systems, i. Ayvazyan, F. Akopdzhanyan, A. Borovskiy, A. Kota, Ts. Oganesyan, G. Santuiyan and V. Sokolovskaya, is consistent with the main requirements on those competing for the State Prize of the Armenian SSR in the field of science and engineering.

Like all rumors which are not opposed by official information, they abound in morbid details. Nothing has happened at our plant, he says. But there is indeed a wave of rumors, a genuine panic, for reasons which are unclear. There has been a flood of telephone calls, all with the same question. What is more: on 30 September at hours, the regular monthly press conference for the public and members of the press was held at the Youth Center of Energodar.

The subject, like that of previous conferences, was the outcome of the operation of the plant in the previous month as a source of influence on the environment. We reported that no deviations in the operation of the AES had taken place in September, compared with the preceding months.

And so, immense relief. Everything is calm at the plant. Soon, the fourth generating unit will also be shut down for PM. These steps are taken in connection with the winter preparations. Special attention is being given to the start up and adjustment work at the fifth generating unit. But how to account for these rumors? The answer is now obvious: there is a need for glasnost.

The monthly press conferences are an important matter, but not all residents in the neighborhood of the nuclear power plants of the Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, and Kherson provinces are invited to them. The residents of all provinces of the Ukraine regularly read about the radiation situation in Kiev in the newspapers of the republic. Having a nuclear power plant as a neighbor is not the most pleasant of things for the residents of heavily populated provinces.

You do not perceive it with the sensory organs, you are unaware of it when it acts irradiation , and you do not see it. All possible rumors have therefore arisen about the state of affairs both in the vicinity of the accident and beyond its boundaries.

As a rule, these rumors are exaggerated and distorted. This has resulted in a situation where people have suffered enormous psychological loads that can, first and foremost, be explained by their weak knowledge about the properties of radiation and ways and means of protecting themselves against it and by the insufficient effort to explain them. The public is of the opinion that there is increased radioactivity in Baku, and there is talk of the following situation as if it actually took place.

After landing at Baku Airport, some delegation from Japan discovered how quickly their pocket dosimeters began emitting a signal indicating increased radioactivity. And here is another example. More than once, people from different age groups and occupations have asked me whether it is permissible to bathe at the Apsheronsk beaches.

They say the Caspian shore has been subjected to high radioactivity. All of these rumors are groundless and so absurd that they would not even be worth mentioning if I did not frequently encounter analogous questions at the lectures I give and during my civil defense activities. Radioactivity is a physical process that cannot be slowed down, accelerated, or stopped.

All things that live on this earth under the effect of natural background radiation have been and continue to be continually subjected to the effect of radioactive irradiation. Each second, 10 atomic nuclei are destroyed in each cubic centimeter of living and nonliving matter. The doses of cosmic radiation received by passengers on aircraft are becoming increasingly important in view of the development of aviation passenger transport.

The ozone layer, which is 1 to 1. A second source of artificial radiation that is constantly acting upon humans is y-radiation. It is created by the presence of the respective natural radionuclides in objects of the environment mineral ores, soils, building materials, etc. Additional study, both broader and deeper, of the natural radiation sources in our country is needed. Besides these external sources, the human body itself contains radioactive materials that it has obtained from natural sources potassium Such regions occur in Brazil, France, Nigeria, etc.

The reason for this is deposits of radioactive minerals. Besides being subjected to the natural background, the public is also subjected to irradiation from artificial irradiation sources. These may be arbitrarily divided into two groups: those that contaminate the environment with radionuclides and those that do not. The first group includes accidents at power reactors. In the entire period of the existence of nuclear power there have been three Nuclear Energy such accidents.

Nuclear weapons testing presents the greatest threat of sources of all-out global contamination by radioactive substances. It is a source of additional irradiation of the population throughout the world. These tests were begun in In the period between and , nuclear devices of different types and powers were tested in the atmosphere. In the second group, radiation sources used for medical purposes play the dominant role in the irradiation of the population. Irradiation for medical purposes is especially interesting since it is the largest contributor to the dose received by the population.

We will present several examples. A person receives 3 rem from dental x-rays, 1 prem from watching one hockey match on television, 30 rem from the irradiation during a stomach local roentgenographic examination, and rem from the irradiation during fluorography. The natural radiation background is the major contributor to the irradiation dose to the population and constitutes The remaining sources play a lesser role medical examination accounts for Each citizen should therefore know the methods of protecting himself against radioactive substances and should know how to use individual protective agents.

The actions of the public in a contamination zone are reduced to public health measures and the observance of the respective behavior rules. People should thus move to locations with tightly closed air vents to seal them off from the penetration of street dust. This is especially important in the case of children and pregnant women if JPRS-ueq 22 February 4 Nuclear Energy evacuating them is impossible.

Inside the dwelling itself, damp cleaning should be done daily. When necessary to go outside, people should dress so as to cover all open sections of their body. Using a respirator is mandatory. When entering a dwelling, a person should carefully wipe their feet on a damp rug rag , remove their clothes in open air, and should wash very dirty clothing with powders or soap.

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Постарайтесь пройти по нему до конца. Сьюзан вздохнула: - Программа принимает ключ только в цифровой форме. Мне кажется, что тут содержится некий намек на то, что это за цифра.

Лифт спускался на пятьдесят ярдов вниз и затем двигался вбок по укрепленному туннелю еще сто девять ярдов в подземное помещение основного комплекса агентства. Лифт, соединяющий шифровалку с основным зданием, получал питание из главного комплекса, и оно действовало, несмотря на отключение питания шифровалки.

Стратмору, разумеется, это было хорошо известно, но даже когда Сьюзан порывалась уйти через главный выход, он не обмолвился об этом ни единым словом. Он не мог пока ее отпустить - время еще не пришло.

Тогда дело будет только за Дэвидом. Когда он найдет копию ключа, имевшуюся у Танкадо, оба экземпляра будут уничтожены, а маленькая бомба с часовым механизмом, заложенная Танкадо, - обезврежена и превратится во взрывное устройство без детонатора. Сьюзан еще раз прочитала адрес на клочке бумаги и ввела информацию в соответствующее поле, посмеялась про себя, вспомнив о трудностях, с которыми столкнулся Стратмор, пытаясь самолично запустить Следопыта.

Скорее всего он проделал это дважды и каждый раз получал адрес Танкадо, а не Северной Дакоты. Элементарная ошибка, подумала Сьюзан, Стратмор, по-видимому, поменял местами поля информации, и Следопыт искал учетные данные совсем не того пользователя. Она завершила ввод данных и запустила Следопыта. Затем щелкнула по кнопке возврат. Компьютер однократно пискнул.

- Я кое о чем тебе не рассказал. Иной раз человек в моем положении… - Он замялся, словно принимая трудное решение.

 - Иногда человек в моем положении вынужден лгать людям, которых любит. Сегодня как раз такой день.

Сьюзан также сообщила, что интерес к криптографии появился у нее еще в школе, в старших классах. Президент компьютерного клуба, верзила из восьмого класса Фрэнк Гут-манн, написал ей любовные стихи и зашифровал их, подставив вместо букв цифры.

Разве нельзя дождаться звонка Дэвида о той копии, что была у Танкадо. Стратмор покачал головой. - Чем быстрее мы внесем изменение в программу, тем легче будет все остальное. У нас нет гарантий, что Дэвид найдет вторую копию.

Мидж… пошли. Это личный кабинет директора. - Это где-то здесь, - пробормотала она, вглядываясь в текст.

Эта организация создавалась с единственной целью - обеспечивать безопасность страны. При этом дерево иногда приходится потрясти, чтобы собрать подгнившие плоды. И я уверена, что большинство наших граждан готовы поступиться некоторыми правами, но знать, что негодяи не разгуливают на свободе.

Хейл промолчал. - Рано или поздно, - продолжала она, - народ должен вверить кому-то свою судьбу.

Он прислушался. Голоса звучали возбужденно. - Мидж. Ответа не последовало. Бринкерхофф подошел к кабинету.

Special attention was paid to materials generated as by-products and other cheaply Dynamics of metals in backfill of a phosphate mine of guiyang, China using a Preparation of fly ash-granulated blast furnace slag-carbide slag binder and After Industrial Revolution, demand of materials for building up structures have.

И снова этот голос. Он присел на корточки и в десяти метрах от себя увидел чей-то силуэт. - Мистер. Беккер узнал голос. Это девушка.

Двое сидевших в нем людей были напряжены до предела: они не в первый раз получали чрезвычайный приказ из Форт-Мида, но обычно эти приказы не приходили с самого верха. Агент, сидевший за рулем, повернув голову, бросил через плечо: - Есть какие-нибудь следы нашего человека.

Глаза его партнера не отрывались от картинки на большом мониторе, установленном под крышей мини-автобуса.

Она не выглядела взволнованной. - Новая диагностика. Что-нибудь из Отдела обеспечения системной безопасности. Стратмор покачал головой: - Это внешний файл.

Сьюзан с опаской посмотрела на связанного шифровальщика.

- Вы дежурили все это время. - Моя смена от семи до семи, - кивнула женщина. - Тогда вы наверняка ее видели. Это совсем молоденькая девушка.

Голос его прозвучал, как всегда, твердо: - А как же мой план с Цифровой крепостью. Хейл засмеялся: - Можете пристраивать к ней черный ход - я слова не скажу.  - Потом в его голосе зазвучали зловещие нотки.  - Но как только я узнаю, что вы следите за мной, я немедленно расскажу всю эту историю журналистам. Я расскажу, что Цифровая крепость - это большая липа, и отправлю на дно все ваше мерзкое ведомство. Стратмор мысленно взвешивал это предложение.

Беккер остановился. Тупик. Стоя возле креста, он слушал, как приближаются шаги Халохота, смотрел на распятие и проклинал судьбу.

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