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Industry newspapers

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Newspapers Fact Sheet

In fact, employment in that industry has remained stable. An estimated While the economy as a whole grew at a healthy pace, workforce growth was far from uniform. A handful of industries more than doubled in size, while others shed more than half of their workforce. Nearly every industry is the U. In recent years, globalization and technological advancements have fundamentally changed the U. For better or worse, industries that at one time seemed unassailable now appear to be hanging by a thread.

Office supplies manufacturing is one of many industries in the United States negatively affected by the increasing digitization of the workplace. The increasing ability to store documents and other data virtually has rendered fax machines and photo copiers less necessary and reduced demand for office supplies manufacturing.

Employment in the industry has fallen by Stationery product manufacturing is one of many industries hurt by the proliferation of digital communication platforms such as email and electronic invitation websites.

As demand for traditional stationary products declined over the past decade, employment in the industry fell from 31, U. American Greetings — one of the largest greeting card producers in the world — has closed dozens of retail stores in recent years, and after more than 40 years on the stock market, was taken private in In total, the number of U.

Over the past decade, traditional book stores and news dealers have struggled to compete with the rise of digital media and e-commerce retailers. Borders, at one time the second largest bookstore chain the United States, closed all of its locations by The number of bookstores nationwide fell from 11, in to 7, in — a The number of bookstore and newsstand employees fell by While e-commerce has hurt brick-and-mortar bookstores, the low prices offered by Amazon has led to more book sales overall, creating more opportunities for writers and publishers.

In the past 10 years, the number of independent artists and writers in United States rose 3. The securities and commodity exchange industry consists of establishments engaged in facilitating physical or electronic marketplaces for the buying and selling of stocks, stock options, bonds, and commodity contracts. As more open floor exchanges establish online trading platforms, fewer physical securities and commodity exchange locations are necessary. The number of security and commodity exchange establishments in the United States fell from in to in , a Additionally, fewer employees are needed at each location.

The number of securities and commodity exchange workers fell by Musical production practices have evolved with technology technology since the invention of sound recording in the 19th century. In recent years, advances in sound mixing technology have democratized the production and distribution of music, reducing the need for professional recording studios for many artists.

Sound City Studios, a recording studio in Los Angeles notable for its history with major musical acts such as Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, and Nirvana, closed its commercial operations in In total, the number of recording studios in the United States fell from 1, establishments in to 1, in — a Employment in the industry fell by Textiles manufacturing is one of many industries negatively affected by increased competition from foreign cotton importers and the decline of the U.

Employment at textile and fabric finishing mills fell by One factor that contributed to the decline of employment in textile was the phasing out of the Multifiber Arrangement, which had imposed quotas on how much the United States, Canada, and Europe could import from developing countries such as China and Bangladesh and was intended to preserve domestic textile production.

Since the last import quota expired in , Chinese textile and apparel imports to the United States have more than doubled. The other publishers industry category includes establishments that publish works other than newspapers, magazines, books, directories, mailing lists, or music. Examples may include publishers of art prints, calendars, or greeting cards. Like the rest of the publishing industry, such niche publishers have struggled to compete against the growing number of digital media platforms.

While employment across all sectors in the United States rose 4. Depository credit intermediation, or bank lending, declined substantially after the Great Recession, and has yet to fully recover. Depressed U. Additionally, the four largest U. Other depository credit intermediation establishments — which includes industrial and private banks — are also feeling the pinch. Employment at other depository credit intermediation establishments has fallen Like the rest of the manufacturing sector, employment at curtain and linen mills in the United States has declined substantially over the past decade.

Since the last of the international import quotas protecting the domestic textile sector were lifted in , U. As competition from Chinese manufacturing outfits increased over the past decade, many American textile manufacturers ceased commercial operations. The number of curtain and linen mills fell from 2, in to 1, in , a Employment at curtain and linen mills fell by While employment across all sectors rose 4. One reason for the steep decline may be reduced demand for banking services.

Additionally, the rise of online and mobile banking applications, which allow customers to deposit checks and perform other banking tasks online, has reduced the need for physical bank locations.

Since the start of the 21st century, the U. With roughly , fewer marriages in than in , there was significantly reduced demand for formal wear rental services. Additionally, increasing textile imports from China have reduced the price for formal wear in the United States, allowing many Americans to own tuxedos and formal dresses instead of renting.

Since , the number of formal wear and costume rental establishments fell from 1, to 1,, a While the number of U. As the internet continues to expand and becomes the preferred platform for media consumption, demand for printed content, such as books, newspapers, and magazines is declining.

The decline has precipitated considerable job losses in the support activities for printing industry, which includes establishments engaged in activities such as book binding, embossing, engraving. In the last decade, the number of Americans working in the industry fell from 47, to only about 25,, a Consolidation in the industry is expected to continue in the coming years, along with a shrinking workforce.

The other telecommunications industry category deals in specialized telecomm services like satellite tracking and radar station operations. In the past decade, the number of Americans working in the field has been nearly cut in half. Employment decline in the industry is likely attributable to technological advancement and increased automation. Compared to most dying industries, other telecommunications workers are relatively well compensated.

Professional employer organizations manage a range of human resources-related needs for larger companies, including health care benefits, payroll, and k retirement plans. In the past decade, employment in the field fell by A range of factors precipitated the job cuts in the industry.

Mostly, the job cuts were the result of technological advances, which streamlined many of these processes making the industry more efficient and reducing the need for workers in the industry. Few industries have taken a bigger hit from the rise in digital media than print newspaper publishers.

Once the preferred news medium, newspapers nationwide have been losing advertising and subscription revenue over the years as cable television and web-based news platforms have gained favor. As a result, dozens of publications across the United States have gone out of print or have dramatically reduced output over the past decade.

The industry, which employed nearly , Americans as recently as , now employs only about , people. Telephone apparati include a range of communications equipment like internet modems, routers, and answering machines. Competition from communication device makers abroad has forced American communication apparatus manufacturing companies to shed workers at a faster rate than nearly any other industry. The number of establishments engaged in telephone apparatus manufacturing in the United States declined from to over the past decade, a Over the same period, the number of Americans employed in the industry has been cut in half.

Over the last several decades, the town has lost much of its once dominant industry. Companies like Gildan-Prewett have been shuttering operations in town and shifting them abroad, taking advantage of cheaper labor. More: 25 cities adding and losing the most jobs in As the industry name implies, directory and mailing list publishers collect and compile information like mailing addresses, telephone numbers, or any number of other public records.

Historically, the industry has derived its revenue from advertising in printed publications. However, like many industries on this list, directory and mailing list publishers are shedding jobs as more and more Americans shift away from print in favor of digital publications. Land subdivision involves dividing a large segment of land into smaller parcels, largely for the purpose of new home construction. While the U.

There were only 1. Jobs at ports and harbors typically involve cargo and ship handling and navigation — all jobs that are slowly being automated. While automation is killing jobs, it results in more efficient, precise, and profitable loading and unloading of ship cargo.

The industry is heavily dependent on global commerce — which is currently booming. While industry jobs may be disappearing, ports and harbors are not. As employment in the industry fell by Photofinishing is another prime example of an industry gutted by the rise of digital technology and media.

Photographs can now be taken and shared instantly through any number of social media applications, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. At one time, most Americans did not need to look further than their local drug store for a photo developing service. Today, as film cameras lose favor to digital devices, finding an outfit that still develops film is not as easy. Employment in manufacturing of magnetic media, such as audio tapes and videotapes or floppy disks, is dying along with demand for such products.

Now that media — both auditory and visual — can be streamed on demand through a number of web-based platforms, fewer and fewer Americans rely on physical copies of media for entertainment. More: Quality of life: 25 healthiest communities for retirement. The other apparel knitting mills industry classification includes knitting of outerwear, underwear, and nightwear.

Like many other industries in the United States, cheaper labor abroad and improving technology are killing jobs in apparel knitting mills.

Newspapers and Magazines

Hedge funds have found that they are able to wring profits out of an ailing product: the print newspaper. But for how long? Chloe Cushman.

Imagine waking up in a world without newspapers. The word newspaper no longer reflects the media industry encompassed by the word.

Home Research Industries. The newspaper and magazine publishing industries work to inform the public about current events. Newspapers provide details, explanations, and interpretations in all subjects, or beats, including local and national politics, crime, entertainment, sports, and international affairs, among others. Many magazines meet similar needs for readers but also may serve special interests or unique segments of populations.

America’s 24 dying industries include sound studios, textiles, newspapers

Years of non-stop growth and expansion in print newspapers in India are about to come to an end. If the industry does not develop more compelling digital offers now, many titles will shrink to irrelevance, close down, or lose what independence they have. During the two days of the conference, another estimated ,plus Indians about equivalent to the daily readership of the Deccan Chronicle will come online for the first time as the mobile price war makes smartphones and data affordable for more and more people across the country. English-language print papers have been the first to feel the full force of the accelerating move to digital. Readership may still be inching upwards, but in their Media and Entertainment Report, the accounting and professional services firm KPMG expects circulation revenues to fall for the first time in years. Advertising — the main source of revenue — is stagnant, expected to grow just 1. With audiences embracing digital, and advertisers reconsidering print, how long before it stops making business sense to sell newspapers for a few rupees — less than the cost of production and distribution? But the fundamental shift is this: in India, as in everywhere else, everyone with access seem to generally prefer digital, mobile, and platform media to print.

Newspaper industry

In sight is the big industry-wide rollup I first pointed to way back in Because of their origins in local communities, the newspaper business historically lacked the centralization and scale of other industries. Why rollup now? One acid-tongued analogy has stayed with me for years. In that way, news is just like waste management.

For much of the past week, media pundits have been reiterating their warning calls about the dire fate, and the value, of local news. Their worries are buttressed by the newspapers industries' waning financial numbers.

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In News Industry, a Stark Divide Between Haves and Have-Nots

Add this topic to your myFT Digest for news straight to your inbox. DMGT grows annual underlying earnings by almost a fifth. Newspaper veteran emerges as frontrunner after Reach and Newsquest pull back. Chief executive of Belgian media group says he is looking for acquisitions.

Global leaders discover why Charleston, South Carolina is the ideal location for life science companies. How companies can modernize supply chains, minimize legacy technology costs, and adapt to new market opportunities. Business process automation allows organizations to scale with growth, manage order volumes and avoid delays and errors. Heavy, advanced and light manufacturers are high sustainability performers compared to counterparts in seven other sectors. Don't just think of 3D printing as an alternative way to make parts.

The future of India’s newspapers has to be digital – and it has to be now

In fact, employment in that industry has remained stable. An estimated While the economy as a whole grew at a healthy pace, workforce growth was far from uniform. A handful of industries more than doubled in size, while others shed more than half of their workforce. Nearly every industry is the U. In recent years, globalization and technological advancements have fundamentally changed the U. For better or worse, industries that at one time seemed unassailable now appear to be hanging by a thread.

The Salt Lake Tribune's new status as a public charity is significant, but it's no panacea for the struggling local paper and new challenges will come with it. Save.

A newspaper is a periodical publication containing written information about current events and is often typed in black ink with a white or gray background. Newspapers can cover a wide variety of fields such as politics, business, sports and art, and often include materials such as opinion columns, weather forecasts, reviews of local services, obituaries , birth notices, crosswords , editorial cartoons , comic strips , and advice columns. Most newspapers are businesses, and they pay their expenses with a mixture of subscription revenue, newsstand sales , and advertising revenue. The journalism organizations that publish newspapers are themselves often metonymically called newspapers.

Newspapers are a critical part of the American news landscape, but they have been hit hard as more and more Americans consume news digitally. Explore the patterns and longitudinal data about U. The estimated total U. Digital circulation is more difficult to gauge.

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