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Produce manufacture special furniture

Produce manufacture special furniture

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Furniture Manufacture

We have knowledge, practical experience and possibilities that stand behind our unique know-how. We advise our clients on arranging spaces by choosing effective solutions and products. Discover challenges of contemporary offices and find out how we can respond to them together.

Every good project starts with an idea. We inspire, share our expert knowledge and help people find the best solutions possible. Become familiarised with our research, articles and opinions. We are an experienced expert, independent manufacturer and qualified adviser. Learn more about us — our history, sustainable development strategy and the values our company relies on.

Do you want to learn more about our offer, talk to our representative or discover the possibilities of cooperation? We invite you to contact us. Our production is based on state-of-the-art production and IT technologies that ensure a high standard of manufacturing. We want our manufacturing processes to be efficient, eco-friendly and perfectly adjusted to our clients' preferences.

Office chairs and furniture are used a few hours a day — or even a dozen, with shift work, for example — for many years. Their durability is being tested all the time. Therefore, quality is of utmost importance. When looking for a reliable office equipment producer, you should pay attention not only to the visible manufacturing quality, but also to the certificates and quality standards the products comply with.

When you arrange your office, you have to purchase a wide range of products: chairs for different rooms, desks, tables, sofas and armchairs. It is most convenient if you can buy all of these items from the same supplier, but it is difficult to find a company that offers such a wide product portfolio.

When an extended product range is on offer, it is easier to find solutions that are best adjusted to your own preferences and the needs of the interior being arranged. Our factories operate using innovative production and IT technologies.

We use Industry 4. Nowy Styl Group is an independent producer: we have our own toolshop and a multifunctional machinery park for processing wood, metal and plastic. Almost all components are manufactured in one of our numerous factories, located in Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

The Office Furniture Factory is fully automated. Its technological line ensures full flexibility of production and minimum retooling times. The modern board machine that adjusts a cardboard box to the size of the product deserves to be mentioned as well. In the Office Furniture Factory, there is a separate line designed for producing veneered furniture.

Veneer sheets are joined together to create plywood of the right size, which are then glued, cut, varnished and polished. Some tasks are performed by advanced machines, but most of them are done manually by experienced employees. This allows us not only to achieve the highest quality, but also to give every veneered product a unique character. We manufacture bent and laminated components, as well as solid wood ones, with the use of state-of-the-art technology that offers almost unlimited multi-axis modelling possibilities.

We offer veneer sheets in three quality classes. We are able to guarantee consistently high quality across our products and timely delivery even for large orders. Metal elements are, for the most part, manufactured using computer controlled devices, which allows us to realise the production plan and ensure the products are consistently high quality. One such example is the laser cutting machines LT Combo and LT8, designed for machining profiles and sheets.

Because of the chromium and paint coatings applied on modern production lines, our products are highly resistant to scratching and have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. One of the newest devices in our factories is a machine for producing flexible foam. The products manufactured are used to fill in the seats and backrests of chairs and other furniture items. We have five machines for manufacturing foam. Four of them produce flexible foam and one produces integral foam.

We test materials and moulds continually, which allows us to guarantee the highest quality product that conforms to all standards. We also use state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture plastic elements. Airmoulding allows us to reduce manufacturing costs, just like recycling plastics, which is also considered eco-friendly because it helps limit material consumption.

With extensive experience in colouring detail, we offer the full range of RAL colours. Components manufactured in the factory and raw materials are carefully assessed at our own research lab for plasticity and durability.

We can combine precision craftsmanship with batch production requirements. We upholster our furniture with high quality fabrics, leather or imitation leather. We have devices to test the quality of the supplied leather sheets, which can detect even the slightest imperfections, as well as a cutter device that ensures the precise and optimal preparation of upholstery forms.

The factories we visited are some of the best production plants to be found in Europe today, firstly in terms of the advanced technologies they use. Rarely do we see a company that controls the whole production process, including the production of wooden, metal and plastic components. This is extremely interesting. We were very impressed by the production space, which covers , m 2.

Few companies can, like Nowy Styl Group, supply virtually all office equipment elements. You usually have to buy tables, chairs and soft upholstered furniture from different suppliers.

There are only few companies in Europe that supply such a wide range of products. Nowy Styl Group is a top class company that belongs in the group. In the process of maintaining the quality, safety and environmental standards of our processes and technologies, we are supported by the quality management standard ISO , the environmental management standard ISO and the occupational health and safety management standards OHSAS and PN-N All of our production plants operate in accordance with these standards.

With the large scale of production and the continuous expansion of the product lines we offer, it is very important to plan our use of resources efficiently and manage product lifecycles and configurations. These systems also support our logistics and order processing. Computerisation of our production processes allows us to operate efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably. However, the technology itself is not enough to achieve success. In order to use the full potential of the latest machines and solutions, it is necessary to expand our team of specialists.

Our team of experts includes experienced engineers, such as constructors, technicians, automation specialists, electricians and craftsmen. We continually train them on the latest solutions and tools. We also cooperate with universities and vocational schools to create a qualified pool of future employees.

Our Technology and Implementation Department tests the durability of the products manufactured. This is where prototypes of new furniture are verified for their accordance with the relevant standards and certificates. We also have a Stinger II machine — one of the most modern specialist devices — which takes contact and digitisation measurements using a scanner.

This form of transferring dimensions allows for the precise verification of products and projects, and helps us provide the client with the highest quality product supported by the appropriate measurements. This is where our experts test product prototypes, new solutions and advanced production technologies. They also conduct research in the area of office space acoustics, product ergonomics and the integration of information technologies.

Their work has resulted in composite seats and the use of cellular board in office furniture, for example. To improve the environmental properties of our products, we have started manufacturing products made of cellular board. Cellular board is a modern and eco-friendly material that is widely used in the furniture industry. It has surface layers made of durable chipboard or HDF boards and a paper filling that resembles honeycomb.

Its biggest advantage is that it is lightweight, which helps lower transport costs and fuel consumption. It is durable and has all the important constructional features too. The production of cellular board requires less wood-based material, and cellular board is fully recyclable. With the help of European Funds, we have developed new technology that enables us to use our production waste to the maximum possible extent and reduce our consumption of raw materials.

Composite board is made of waste generated during manufacturing processes e. It can successfully replace the components used previously. You can find composite board, for example, in upholstered versions of our popular chairs, such as VENUS and FOSCA, as well as in other chairs for cafes, home interiors and office social zones.

Our Research and Development Department is working on Internet of Things solutions for office spaces. In we presented a prototype of a smart chair — Navigo Smart. The operative chair is equipped with a microcomputer and ULE technology that connects the chair with a computer or a smartphone. The sensors the chair is fitted with can monitor the chair's adjustment and the user's behaviour. They also measure the physical conditions of a workstation, such as temperature, humidity and air pressure.

Using the data gathered, it is possible to determine whether the user sits in an ergonomic position and works in optimal conditions. The data can also be used to analyse desk occupancy in a company. We are one of the leading furniture companies when it comes to innovative production. We are also gradually implementing Industry 4.

This will enable us to adjust the existing products to the individual needs of our clients, which is essential in terms of responding to their requirements quickly and accurately. We would like you to have a comfortable experience using our Website. To this end, we try to match the displayed contents to your interests and preferences. We are able to do this because we store cookie files in your browser and because Nowy Styl sp. Data Controller and our trusted partners process information which may constitute personal data for statistical, analytical and marketing purposes.

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Contract Furniture

United States International Trade Commission. Strana IE Strana VE Obsah Introduction. Conditions of competition in the U S market II1.

The steel furniture field is also experiencing an increasing need for flexibility in the production volumes and freedom in design, with consequent demand of highly versatile production tools. Acknowledgement of the Cookie and Privacy Notice. Consent for marketing purposes i.

The industrial base of woodworking process of the concern "Bellesbumprom" is large and technically advanced enterprises which provide the production of various types of wood products using modern technologies. The production of lumber and profiled molding, chipboard and fibreboard is carried out. The environmentally friendly construction material - furniture board is produced. There is modern manufacturing of various types of plywood. The furniture production is equipped with high-tech equipment that allows using its own raw materials, with the efforts of experienced and skilled workers, engineers, constructors, and designers to create comfortable household and special pieces of furniture.


Choose from our wide selection of chairs, armchairs and sofas, booths, tables, bar stools and custom-made products…decide between vintage, retro and modern style Our production facilities include metal and upholstery department, carpentry, chroming and powder coating facility and assembly department. We offer long-standing skills in not only production of seating furniture, but also customized products. Tell us about the unique products you would like us to produce for you. Whether special sizes and dimensions, or unique materials, or completely custom-made products…we are open to discuss with you our possibilities in production and create products you need. We often produce custom-made bar counters, shelves, beds and other interior products to fit the metal tubular furniture design. Most of our products are exported outside of our small home-country, Slovakia. You can find our products all over Europe… whether hotels, bars and restaurants, or boats and cruise ships, administrative institutions or schools. History in furniture making Long-standing skills and dedication of our management and craftspeople in production, special techniques and equipment for metal tube treatment, upholstering and joinery, tradition and experience in design.

The production process

From individual machines and automated cells to fully interlinked systems — we help you to find the right solution to meet your specific needs, and to ensure your success in the long term. Your individual interlinked production combines the storage, handling, transport and processing of workpieces. Whether you need the flexibility of batch size 1 production to produce a wide range of product variants or want the efficiency of series production , we will find the right solution for you. Market-driven production costs resulting from an optimum use of resources, short throughfeed times and low stocks are crucial factors, particularly if you have a wide variety of products.

Strong brands in contract and design furniture have outsourced their production to LTP.

We have knowledge, practical experience and possibilities that stand behind our unique know-how. We advise our clients on arranging spaces by choosing effective solutions and products. Discover challenges of contemporary offices and find out how we can respond to them together. Every good project starts with an idea.

Tailor-made Furniture Production

Pure Furniture was established in as a joint- endeavour between authentic furniture designers in the Netherlands and true craftsmen from Romania. Due to this combination of craftsmanship and passion for raw materials in exclusive design; every piece incorporates a unique feel. Items can be scaled during production without losing character.

Here you will find the detailed information on our company, our furniture e- catalog and our prices. High quality kitchen and dining furniture: oak dining tables, dining tables with metal legs, dining tables with wooden legs. The best price offers for wholesale buyers. Please, send us a request by e-mail and we will send you our wooden furniture and metal legs catalog with the prices. Our wooden tables will be a perfect choice for your kitchen, dining room, living room as well as the office or restaurant.

A single experiment changed how we produce furniture

We secure production capacities for growth. The aim is to create products that have great customer value, in terms of quality and price. Next to that, our ambition is to be the good example in all aspects of business and people, which includes sustainability. We have around 20, co-workers. We produce two types of furniture: solid wood and light-weight or board based wood. We are active within forestry, sawmills, furniture component production and furniture production, as well as product development. This division produces high density fibre board, particle board and lightweight board.

By using LTP as a production partner, you will not only increase your Sofas Sofas for the contract and design market in large fabric range READ MORE. Sofas.

Buy upholstered furniture in Ukraine The insane pace of life leaves so little time for relaxation. The ability to restore strength in a short period is a vital skill of a modern person. Ukrainian factory of upholstered furniture Barva Furniture works to help make your stay quality, deep and as relaxing as possible.

Furniture Industry Job Descriptions, Careers in the Furniture Industry, Salary, Employment

In addition to work, many years of life have been complemented by tennis, which is our great passion. We organized various tennis tournaments and so our friends and business partners increased. The original prizes for the winners of the tennis tournaments were provided for us by arch.

This is how a Norwegian furniture manufacturer managed to transform the way it thinks about its sofa production. The manufacture of furniture has been present in the area around Sykkulven, on the West coast of Norway, since the s. Ekornes, a company famous for its Stressless brand of adaptable chairs and sofas, has two assembly plants here — one in Ikornes, and a smaller sofa plant in the town of Aure, right opposite Ikornes, across Storfjord.

Tables, sofas, desks, and filing cabinets are just some of the products manufactured by the furniture industry for use in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, and retail stores.

A basic preliminary in all furniture production is the provision of working drawings. In a firm of any size there is invariably a special department where full-size drawings are prepared from small-scale drawings provided by the designer. In some cases the designer may make his own full-size, detailed drawings; but in a large firm it is more usual for a draftsman to work out the practical details, though usually in consultation with the designer, who advises on proportions and decorative details. The hand craftsman, in contrast, usually does the whole thing himself.

In the Bustos Perona brothers set up a company to manufacture wooden components which were to provide for the growing needs of furniture companies in the area. Our experience based on manufacturing all kinds of furniture , using all kinds of materials, along with constant updates from the technical and production teams are the reasons why our clients trust us with their designs to develop and transform into their products. Our clients design, manufacture and distribute furniture for different markets. In Contract furniture projects , there is lots of different furniture which requires the same aesthetic standards as home furniture. Commercial furniture is created to display and visualize a product. We can manufacture in different materials no matter how complex a piece may be.

United States International Trade Commission. Conditions of competition in the U S market II1. U S producers production shipments and employment III1.

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