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Product margarines

Product margarines

Different applications and processing conditions demand different characteristics of the margarine used. For this reason, the SENNA range of products comprises a wide selection of margarines in order to guarantee perfect results according to the application. Margarine is more environmentally friendly than animal fat, such as butter. Margarine needs about half as much land as needed for the production of butter products, and the CO2 footprint is less than one-third of the footprint of butter. The use of margarines as a spread and cooking fat is a simple way of ensuring a healthy, balanced diet and of improving the quality of the fats in your diet.

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Butter vs. Margarine: Which Is Healthier?

Nirmal Sinha. The Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing is a definitive master reference, providing an overview of food manufacturing in general, and then covering the processing and manufacturing of more than of the most common food products.

With editors and contributors from 24 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia, this guide provides international expertise and a truly global perspective on food manufacturing. Flavors Food Processing Product Developments. Extraction Modes.

Distillation and Drying. Genetic Engineering. Technology for Health Foods Enterococci and Dairy Products Health Benefits Beyond Probiotic Effect Application of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Allergic. Functional Foods Herbs and Aging Functional Foods and Gastrointestinal Disorders Herbs in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus with.

Flavor Production by Solid and Liquid Fermentation. Herbs Spices and Essential Oils. Food Sanitation and Establishment Inspection. Food Establishment Inspection. Bakery Products. Muffins and Bagels. Ingredients and Production. Flavor Migration in Solid Food Matrices. Wort Production and Beer Fermentation. Manufacture of Whisky. Cereals Rice and Noodles. Asian Oriental Noodles and Their Manufacture.

Pasteurized Process and Related Cheeses. Inspection and Enforcement. Fruits and Fruit Juices. Phytonutrients and Products. Banana Mango and Pineapple. Functional Foods. International Considerations. Functional Foods Based on Dairy Ingredients. Functional Properties of Milk Constituents. Functional Foods Based on Meat Products.

Bioactive Peptides from Food Proteins 5. Nutritional and Functional Aspects The Interaction. Meat and Meat Products Fermented Meat Production Processed Pork Meat Flavors Sensory Quality of Meat Products Milk and Milk Products Milk Composition Physical and Processing Characteristics Genetics and Milk Production Flavored Milks Fermented Milk in Asia Goat Milk Its Products and Nutrition Bioactive Peptides in Dairy Products Science and Technology of Sour Cream Dairy Protein Hydrolysates The Manufacture and Applications of CaseinDerived.

Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts Frozen Novelties Infant Formulas Biochemical Processes in the Production of Flavor in Milk. Poultry Products Poultry Sausages Edible Packaging for Poultry and Poultry Products Processing Frozen Seafoods Shellfish Freezing Processing Formulated Fish and Fish Products Flavorants from Seafood Byproducts Basic Sanitation Practices Sustainable Intensive Aquaculture Vegetable Products Frozen Avocados Current Processing Techniques.

Soymilk and Tofu Manufacturing Tomato Processing. Seafood He is the author or editor of four books on yogurt and other dairy products. William J. Hurst, PhD, is a consultant in Mt. Gretna, Pennsylvania. He was formerly a food scientist at Hershey Foods Corp.? He has two Wiley titles on laboratory automation to his credit.

Leo M. He has edited or co-edited eight previous books in food science and technology. Erika B. He has co-authored three previous books on nutrition and fitness. Fermented Products and Their Manufacture.

Calcium Cottage Cheese. Cream Products. Fruit Juices. Dried Banana. Ham Sausages Dried Tomato. Hui , Ramesh C. Chandan , Stephanie Clark , Nanna A. Cross , Joannie C. Dobbs , W. Jeffrey Hurst , Leo M. Nollet , Eyal Shimoni , Erika B.

Butter vs. Margarine: Which Is Healthier?

Puratos develops innovative ingredients and solutions for bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers around the world. A network of technical advisors in 88 Innovation Centers are committed to supporting you on both a local and regional level. Discover in-depth insights into global and local consumer behaviour and trends related to bakery, pastry, patisserie and chocolate. Cacao-Trace is our sustainable cocoa sourcing program that is redefining the standard for chocolate, by focusing on superior taste. We believe that people will attach more and more importance to the quality of their food in the future.

Some of it is based on poor research or incomplete evidence, while other information may simply be outdated. The professionals themselves may even tell you things that seem to directly contradict something you read the other day.

We are leading supplier of laminating margarines and fats with high plasticity for viennoiserie, danish and puff pastry. We supply innovative and tailor-made margarines to all types of food producers in different sectors, from local producers to big multinationals. We like to co-develop new products together with you by bringing together our know-how and expertise. Next to a broad standard range, we offer tailor-made products adapted to your production process and product specifications.


Butter is made from the butterfat of milk, whereas modern margarine is made mainly of refined vegetable oil and water. In some places in the United States, it is colloquially referred to as oleo , short for oleomargarine. Due to its versatility, margarine can be used as an ingredient in other food products, such as pastries, doughnuts, cakes and cookies. In , the German structural chemist Wilhelm Heinrich Heintz analyzed margaric acid as simply a combination of stearic acid and the previously unknown palmitic acid. Emperor Napoleon III of France offered a prize to anyone who could make a satisfactory butter alternative, suitable for use by the armed forces and the lower classes. In , he sold the patent to the Dutch company Jurgens , now part of Unilever. John Steele wrote in his California gold miner's journal: "I became acquainted with Mr. Daniels, from Baltimore, who I could not tell the difference.

Margarines and Buttery Spreads

In the interest of consumer health, many fats and oils processors continuously strive to develop healthier preparation procedures. Following in the footsteps of its previous bestselling editions, Fats and Oils: Formulating and Processing for Applications, Third Edition delineates up-to-date processing procedures and formulation techniques as well as the effects of new ingredients, processing, and formulation on globally relevant applications. In addition to examining all product categories, such as types of shortening, margarine, and liquid oil, this new edition includes an array of new features, including:. Expanded coverage of essential fatty acids and their health implications Extended chapter on problem solving and discussion of trans fats Added information on sterols and stanols usage, processing aids and additives, and specialty fats and oils Improved quality management chapter. Doused with practical advice, this ready reference combines 45 years of indispensable literature with the personal experiences of the expert author.

Margarine is celebrating its th birthday this year. A milestone anniversary, yet the butter replacer is not looking particularly good for its age.

Due to our advanced level of production support of customers and solid scientific background of modern food production technologies, RUSAGRO leads the fat ingredients market and offers innovative solutions for confectionery, bakery, dairy and other food sectors. The Company successfully operates its Innovative and Applications Centers developing new products and support implementation of highly efficient food production processes. We are the leaders in producing fats and margarines, including specialized ones.

Margarines and specialty fats

The Product List is a resource for food service operators. Only products that fit into one of the following categories are included on the Product List:. The Product List does not constitute an endorsement of one product over another.

Mastercraft White is a premium creaming margarine containing whey and specialised emulsifiers. Mastercraft White whips easily and is an excellent choice for buttercream-type icing. It can be used to manufacture quality biscuits, cakes, breads and pastries. Mastercraft White Industrial is an allergen-free, preservative free white margarine for use in the baking industry. Mastercraft Yellow is a premium, full fat, yellow bakery margarine that meets all the baking, spreading and frying needs of the discerning baker.

Margarines and Spreads

Food Emulsifiers and Their Applications pp Cite as. The application margarine and spreads refers to a series of products, which are likened to butter, but have different fat contents. Any edible oil or fat source may be used in its manufacture. The definition of spreads is more ambiguous since they may contain a wide variety of fat contents, thus promoting the low fat, and reduced fat spread concept. Margarine was invented in response to a request from the French Government of Napoleon III for a less expensive, longer life replacement for butter. The softer fraction was noted to have a flavour not dissimilar to butter fat, a similar melting point and a typical pale yellow colour, and the material could easily be plasticised.

The excess is pumped to a remelt tank and then reintroduced into the product line. Two types of stick margarine forming and wrapping equipment are used in the.

Nirmal Sinha. The Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing is a definitive master reference, providing an overview of food manufacturing in general, and then covering the processing and manufacturing of more than of the most common food products. With editors and contributors from 24 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia, this guide provides international expertise and a truly global perspective on food manufacturing. Flavors Food Processing Product Developments.

Williams Murray Hamm

Margarine , food product made principally from one or more vegetable or animal fats or oils in which is dispersed an aqueous portion containing milk products, either solid or fluid, salt , and such other ingredients as flavouring agents, yellow food pigments, emulsifiers, preservatives, vitamins A and D, and butter. It is used in cooking and as a spread. Nutritionally, margarine is primarily a source of calories.

Margarines and specialty fats

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