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Units plant specialized vans and tankers

Units plant specialized vans and tankers

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Rolling Stock - II

Call our Sales Team on Three ranges of semi-trailer are manufactured by this company and plated for operation at from A feature of the ranges are the fabricated I-beams used for the main frame, these being constructed using mild steel webs and high tensile steel flanges. The webs are pierced through on all models to accept 4in. These are ranged 1. The floors are secured by self-tapping screws to the crossbearers.

Single-, tandemand three-axle vehicles are manufactured, all the multi-axle types being available fitted out with TIR bodywork. Five of the models made are available as container carrying skeletals these being those ranging from A second alternative specification for these models is as a platform container carrier where container locks are let in to the deck.

Special tilting trailers designed to carry wheeled or tracked plant and bearing the range name Target, are manufactured by Arrow. The Target trailers are supplied either as drawbar or articulated types, the drawbar model having a capacity of 10 tons while the artic carries 16 tons.

A recent innovation to the range is the inclusion of electrid-powered hydraulics in place of the former handpowered units. The unique braking system on these vehicles utilizes multi-plate disc brakes. These comprise metallic-faced discs interleaved with steel plates. Actuation is by threeline air-pressure systems and parking braking is by spring-powered chambers. Peripheral framing is used on the flat platform range of trailers produced by the firm.

Standardization of parts used in their construction is complete. The same axles, brake gear and suspension parts are used throughout as is the two-speed landing gear. Models are produced for general haulage, TIR work or as container carriers. A feature of the TIR vehicles is that where operators have not yet fully converted to volt lighting, a dropper unit can be included in the wiring system to permit 12and volt operation. The vehicles are supplied complete as listed in the company's literature, no extras are available.

This company has entered into the semitrailer and trailer manufacturing field in the past 18 months. Its products are all of a ground-level loading type utilizing trailing arm independent suspension which can be raised and lowered by means of retracting hydraulic rams. Quarter elliptic springs are imposed between the ram ends and the suspension arms providing the suspension media. Hydraulic power can be obtained from pto driven pumps or alternatively from doubleacting hand pumps mounted directly on to the trailers.

Models with capacities ranging between 10cwt and 12 tons are made, the lighter vehicles being of the drawbar variety while the heavier types are articulated. One of the newer companies engaged in the construction of semi-trailers, Booth concentrate on straight frames with either flat platform, drop-side or TIR bodywork. The company also manufactures the most recent addition to its range, a ton coil carrier.

This vehicle has been specially designed to achieve the greatest possible width between the main frame so as to permit large diameter coils to be carried at the lowest obtainable C of G.

Fabricated I beams form the main frames of all Booth trailers and crossmembers are also fabricated. Decks are laid longitudinally and fastened with self-tapping screws.

The planking is half lapped and so installed as to permit simple replacement in the event of damag. TIR-bodied vehicles are made and these feature specially designed steel-bound body sides.

Rubery Owen running gear and suspensions are used throughout the standard ranges although where small diameter wheel and tyre equipment is used Ion dropand step-frame models for instance Moss Gear Co.

Both close-coupled and wide-spread bogies are available. The world famous Four-in-Line running gear is made by this firm along with a wide range of standard and special purpose trailers and semi-trailers. Most of the products utilise fabricated Ibeam main frames and cross-members and all models are equipped with the BTC Twinspring suspensions.

On the tandem-axle models the springs are trunnion mounted and inverted, the axles being carried at the extreme outer ends of the springs. The twin spring comprises an upper and lower multi-leaf unit carried on centres above and below the axle. The company's Four-in-Line also features the twin-spring suspension. The twin axles of these units are carried in swivelling trunnions mounted between the upper and lower springs and oscillating on the axle centres.

Pole trailers and machinery carriers are built for a wide range of payloads and all the suspensions and running gears are available for mounting on frameless designs. A complete range of skeletal trailers are made suitable for the carriage of 20, 30, and 40ft long containers.

Outriggers and locks can be arranged to permit the carriage of any combination of short and long containers if required. Fifth wheel and automatic coupling semitrailers provide a complete range for all aspects of general haulage operations. The Brockhouse automatic coupling is of the non-collapsible variety and trailers so fitted are equipped with dual mechanical and twoline air braking systems complying fully with the requirements of the C and U regulations.

Fifth-wheel trailers go by the name of Expediter and this range contains single-, tandem-axle versions including flat platform, lowloader and container transporting types. The twin oscillating-axle designs employ trailing arm suspensions utilising compressed rubber as a suspension medium.

The single-axle units have conventional leaf springs with an option of Dunlop Pneuride air suspension. A light weight mechanical non-reactive suspension is employed on the tandem-axle versions. Car transporters are the speciality of Carter Engineering and it produces vehicles for these purposes in both artic and draw bar types. Rubber suspension is a feature of the firms products and it is continually making studies of legislative regulations in order to provide vehicles that will permit users to secure the greatest possible profit margins.

The larger sized vehicles employ hydraulically raised and lowered upper decks. All types of vehicle from heavyweight machinery carriers down to the lightest models for use as mobile shops, libraries and the like are manufactured and the company has its own bodybuilding division in which these special trailer frames can be bodied. Recent models built by Carrimore include 20 ton extensibles with a closed length of 39ft and a fully extended length of 60ft.

These models were equipped with self-steering rear axles. Special trailers—for handling bulk granular materials—and stainless steel vans are made by Charrold.

The bulk vehicles all embody frameless construction and utilize many types of materials handling equipment. These can be of the belt conveyor type, elevator, gravity or pneumatic delivery—in fact any system to suit the customer's requirements. Constructed on the frameless principle, the vans utilize corrugated stainless steel panels. Fitted with standard leaf spring suspension, they are available with single taper-leaf springs as an option.

The range of trailers manufactured by these two concerns embodies some 15 different types Of vehicle. They include flats, skeletals, vans, tippers extensibles, low loaders and tankers, besides a wide variety of running gears, suspensions, fifth-wheels and landing gears.

The ranges produced by both the companies are virtually identical, differing only in the badges. All the standard models now feature the Crane Fruehauf F series suspension although other types may be specified. The fiat-platform and skeletal trailers in the range embody the best features of the Fruehauf and Boden units i. Container skeletals of all sizes and for all module variations are produced as are dry freight, insulated and refrigerated frameless vans.

TIR vehicles with both the open top type the soft tilt types of bodywork are offered and there is also a wide range of stepped van chassis suitable for special bodywork. From its tanker division the Fruehauf branch of the combine produces mild steel vessels for every conceivable type of operation. On the heavy transporter side of the business Crane Fruehauf probably has a complete monopoly.

But in the more competitive section of the low loader market the firm manufactures large numbers of both semi-trailer and draw-bar types ranging in capacity from 10 to 60 tons. Tippers are built with either light alloy or all-steel bodywork.

These feature single, five stage front end rams and an air-powered tail-gate lock. Powder tankers with the ability to handle all types of powders and granular materials are produced in light-alloy and mild steel.

Most of the multi-axle models can be equipped with tandem, widespread tandem or three axle running gears and the running gears are available for mounting on frameless designs of other manufacture. No semi-trailers are manufactured by this company but building of bodywork for vehicles of this kind is undertaken.

Trailer production is restricted to two-wheeled drawbar types with capacities of up to 15cwt. Special types are produced to carry sheep and pigs and lightweight units suitable for towing behind light cars or motorcycle combinations are made.

Straight frame semi-trailers with bodywork for TIR operations or ordinary general haulage, and skeletal framed container carriers are produced by Dayson. The trailers bear the trade name of Overlander and incorporate fabricated I-beam main frames pierced through with rolled steel channel crossbearers. Skeletal types will accommodate different container sizes and all the models are equipped with Rubery Owen running gears and suspension.

This firm markets trailers both of its own and other company's manufacture in Northern Ireland. Among the ranges built on its premises are straight frame container carriers, tipping container carriers, chassis suitable for the mounting of special bodywork, lowloaders and flat platforms.

The company has facilities for fitting out tractive units with fifth wheels or automatic couplings,. Semi and drawbar trailers up to payload capacities of 6 tons are manufactured by Dixon-Bate. Among the models produced is a ground level loading lightweight machinery carrier incorporating a novel suspension medium. The suspension layout is similar to other makes of this type in that it utilizes trailing arms supporting its wheels on stub axles.

But on this model the medium is a number of stacked spring washers giving adequate deflection through a system of leverage. The company is presently developing a new range of lightweight semi-trailer.

These vehicles are plated for a gross trailer weight of 7. Standard straight frame platform, van bodied and skeletal semi-trailers make up the products of this company. The construction of all the frames is identical fabricated I-beam main frames being joined by box section crossmembers.

Extensive gusseting at stress points in the chassis frames is used and body crossbearers are from pressed steel channel pierced through the webs of the frames. Units with single, tandem or three axle running gears are produced and these can be mounted on conventional, tubeless or lowprofile tyre equipment. Probably the oldest trailer manufacturer in the UK, Dyson produces a wide range of vehicles including standard flat-platform goods carrying vehicles, special designs for use in desert oil field conditions and numerous different styles of low loader and machinery carriers.

The company pioneered the use of air suspension and still manufactures large numbers of its Aeroride units used on tanker semitrailers, refrigerated units and other machines where smooth riding characteristics are essential. During the past year the company has introduced two new low loader ranges utilizing tandem and triple-axle bogies, These units offer longer deck lengths by virtue of having small diameter wheel and tyre equipment and the deck carried above the wheels. Two popular sizes in the lighter range are the 15 and 20 ton capacity units, the smaller being mounted on 7.

The deck heights of these trailers are 3ft and 3ft 2in.

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Damen is an international shipyard group but at its heart, there is still a family company. We operate in every market where we see an opportunity to improve, innovate or invest. We deliver tried and tested designs of competitively priced and innovative vessels. By building a wide variety of standard hulls for stock, we substantially reduce delivery times.

Specifically, these manufacturers produced 1, more trailers in than in First, the year saw a new top producer, as Hyundai Translead claimed the lead by building 10, more trailers in than they did in

Ocean Tankers Owner. Panagiotis has 3 jobs listed on their profile. The LR2 clean product market has not been particularly affected because of the limited exposure that Cosco has in the segment. May 16, Discover and save!

Merthyr Motor Auctions - The Largest Fleet Only Auction in the UK

Go to whole of WA Government search. The Department of Parks and Wildlife undertakes bushfire suppression operations throughout the state during the bushfire season. This may involve using aircraft and fire towers to provide intelligence on fires. The department also holds trained and experienced firefighters and a large array of fire equipment in readiness to address bushfires when they occur. A fleet of large 4WD fire tankers and small 4WD units are maintained, along with a fleet of heavy machinery such as dozers. In addition to its own fleet, the department uses a network of contractors and private plant operators around the state to help fight fires. Bushfire Personal Protective Equipment is designed to offer some protection against bushfire hazards.

Equipment used for bushfire suppression

Auto trucking and trucking services are broken into several divisions or dimensions. One is the equipment and trailers used for car transport, and another is the market for auto transport services. The car carrier trailer, car hauler trailers, car trailer, car hauling trailer are all describing the same thing. This is a flatbed trailer which has been customized to carry cars and trucks. It is typically two to three level, which specialized feed that holds each of the tires of the car and trucks that it transports.

Welcome to Whale Tankers. Established in and are now one of the largest manufacturers of liquid waste vacuum tankers and jetting equipment in Europe.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The g articulated water tanker comes complete with 4 x 5 metre lengths of 5cm armed delivery hose.

Ocean Tankers Owner

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Best Price Hino Oil Transporting Tanker Truck of 15m3

BAS Trucks. With BAS Machinery we are also able to provide you with all your construction equipment. We have a stock of over machines of all product groups and brands. Tyres of budget and premium brands are available at BAS Tyres for the lowest price. Fast delivery and mounting is possible. Please check our Customer service For frequently asked questions. Clear filters.

We sell an array of second hand Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Plant and Vehicle We sell everything from Crane Lorry's to Box Vans, Curtainsiders to Tipping.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our van is ideal for a whole multitude of site environments by the very nature of its all inclusive design which brings transport and site welfare facilities together in one solution. Our brand new fleet conforms to the latest Type Approval regulations and every mobile welfare van has VOSA tested seating and specification seat belts. The canteen area contains an instant hot water boiler and microwave with seating for four people.

Call our Sales Team on Three ranges of semi-trailer are manufactured by this company and plated for operation at from A feature of the ranges are the fabricated I-beams used for the main frame, these being constructed using mild steel webs and high tensile steel flanges. The webs are pierced through on all models to accept 4in.

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Please see the standards for rolling stock dimensions and also the older, standards for rolling stock dimensions. Also of potential interest in this connection are the dimensions of tracks.

The open systems have many technical variants, ranging from small transport fish-cans, containers for fish transport within the territory of a fish farm, up to special fish transport trucks and tank wagons. In all cases of fish transport in open systems, it should be borne in mind that even a short-time transport of 10—30 m in open plastic or metal tanks should be done under the conditions of constant air or oxygen supply. This is very important to the welfare of fish even if dissolved oxygen content of water seems to be satisfactorily high in the tank. Transport longer than half an hour should be in completely filled and closed tanks to prevent splashing and injuries to young fish bumping into each other in the well of the tank.

Tanker Load Board. You will find that loads for popular lanes are extremely competitive and pay very little. Designed for retail and commercial operations wanting the flexibility to choose compliance and fuel management features for their individual operation. For over 80 years, we have provided complete services including dry van and specialized transportation, intermodal drayage, material handling and value-added services, and global trade management. Your business will thank you. Some load boards are among the oldest websites in the trucking industry.

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