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Units produce rawhide

Units produce rawhide

A king would be nothing without his crown. Fresh off a tour of southeast Wyoming, 98 cars wait single-file at the Rawhide Energy Station north of Wellington. A rotary machine turns each car belly-up, dumping the coal in a cavernous pit. Low-sulfur coal from eastern Wyoming's Antelope Mine, operated by Cloud Peak Energy, burns "cleaner" than other types of coal, and machines called scrubbers lessen emissions of harmful gases.

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Still not content with this performance, Rawhide invested in new technology and equipment upgrades to further optimize performance, reduce emissions, and keep cost competitive. Platte River Power Authority Platte River , established by the state of Colorado in , is the wholesale electricity provider to the municipal power systems of its owner-communities: Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont, and Loveland. Platte River generates and transmits power to the municipalities, which distribute it to homes and businesses.

Each member-city sets its own utility rates for customers. Top of the charts. It also ranks among the 10 units with the lowest emissions. Courtesy: Platte River Power Authority.

Platte River also has an ownership share in the Yampa Project, a coal-fired plant in northwestern Colorado, and an allotment of hydroelectric power from the Colorado River and Missouri Basin projects to round out its electricity resources. Platte River was traditionally a winter-peaking utility; however, in the peak moved to the summer and has since doubled from MW to MW as of July In fact, the summer peak is now growing at 3. Mixed-use site. With its foot-tall stack and herd of American bison see sidebar, Rawhide is a regional landmark on the sparsely populated grassland prairie 26 miles north of bustling Fort Collins.

The plant has also routinely ranked as one of the low-emissions plants in the U. Since commissioning, Rawhide has stacked up an enviable operations record, especially for a single-unit plant. For example, it has had a Fort Collins was established by the U. Army on the Cache La Poudre River near present-day LaPorte in as an outpost to protect the new overland mail route, but it was soon destroyed by floods.

Collins the following year. The short-lived fort was decommissioned in Millions of bison roaming the grasslands in northern Colorado must have been a familiar sight to Colonel Collins and the early settlers.

Today, about 20, American bison roam parks and public lands in Colorado, and about 50 of those bison call the Rawhide Energy Station home Figure 4. Home on the range. The Rawhide Energy Station must be the only power plant in the U. Outstanding specimens from the Rawhide herd have since won numerous trophies in stock shows, including the annual National Bison Association Gold Trophy Show and Sale. The enterprise remains revenue neutral, with sales offsetting the costs of herd maintenance.

Plant staff provide water and supplemental feed to the herd. Operating stats tell part of the story. Efficiency is the other half of the performance equation, and Rawhide continues to find ways to squeeze each Btu and improve its heat rate. Steam flow at maximum continuous rating is 1.

A coal pile, protected by raised earthen berms, provides a day reserve of the low-sulfur coal. Rawhide burns a little over 1 million tons of PRB coal annually. The result: Post-installation testing measures NO x in the 0. How low can you go? Rawhide Energy Station recently completed a low-NO x burner upgrade that included adding overfire air ports shown on left and right of the photo.

Ongoing compliance with VERA is critical to the Rawhide staff, so they explored ways to continually optimize and verify the combustion process. A plant with an efficiently operated boiler not only saves fuel but also has low emissions.

The ZoloBOSS obtains real-time combustion constituent and temperature measurements during operation, while CombustionOpt continually manipulates variables such as damper positions, feeder speeds, and the like to optimize combustion, reduce emissions, and increase boiler efficiency. Better data on the details of combustion give the staff better tools to tune the unit to run cleanly and smoothly. Temperature and combustion data also provide more insight into slagging and fire-side corrosion causes and potential remedies.

The laser, analogous to a CT scan, then measures in-situ combustion zone data along its line-of-sight path. No probes are inserted into the boiler gas stream.

A grid is formed to obtain two-dimensional data—nine paths in a 5 x 4 grid in the combustion zone Figure 5 above the overfire air ports and six paths in a 4 x 2 grid at the economizer outlet to replace the single optical pyrometer used to measure the flue gas exit temperature.

A total of 15 sets of transmitter-receiver pairs aka, paths were installed on the boiler. Grid lock. ZoloBOSS ports were placed above the overfire air ports on the T-fired boiler in a 5 x 4 grid to produce a two-dimension cross-sectional view of temperature and products of combustion.

A similar 4 x 2 grid was placed at the economizer exit. Data collected from as many as five receivers can be coupled into a single fiber optic cable. Adding an optical switch increases capacity threefold to 15 separate paths, as was done at Rawhide. The data from each path are then processed by a computer for display by a Zolo-proprietary software package Figure 6 and forwarded for use in PI ProcessBook.

Rawhide also has developed methods to use this data in the intelligent sootblowing system for closed-loop control of sootblowing on key convection pass areas. Data-rich environment. The Rawhide staff has learned that projects thought to be straightforward can have a steep learning curve. For example, the small access ports that house the laser transmitters and receivers have a tendency to slag and are difficult to keep clean.

In addition, flanged sight tubes make for easier removal of the entire assembly for maintenance. However, during outages some sort of protection of the ports is required if shotgun or detonator cord blasting is used. Improving the design. The original waterwall penetration had a tendency to slag over, preventing the laser from operating.

A new port opening design that minimizes refractory at the opening reduced those problems. The implementation of ZoloBOSS and CombustionOpt provided many challenges, both technically and philosophically, but both have now started to pay off in improved system operation and heat rate. These advanced boiler control optimization systems would not have been possible without the Foxboro DCS upgrade completed in Slapping the latest technology on a plant is of little benefit unless you have a solid, dedicated staff and sound management principles.

It all starts with the people and a teamwork culture that shares ownership of the facility. A well-conceived and executed program for predictive and preventive maintenance is vital to the health and welfare of a facilty. For example, Rawhide recently added a thermal imager, sound gun, and portable vibration monitors to its inventory of high-tech tools.

Daily, all departments openly discuss plant priorities to ensure that resources are used effectively and the unit is kept running cleanly, safely, and reliably. Register Now to participate in this webinar: The role of mobile water treatment to offset emergency or scheduled plant shutdowns. Home on the range Fort Collins was established by the U.

RAWHIDE Hide Hammer Face Head Cap Hamers THOR 216 Size 4 COPPER

This invention relates to screw anchors, and more particularly to a hollow non-frangible expansible anchor plug of hard-cured rawhide for securing screws,'hooks, nails, etc. One object of this invention is to provide a rawhide anchor plug which is split along a helical line extending from one end to the other to permit uniform radial expansion thereof. A further object is to provide a split hollow non-frangible anchor plug of relatively hard, tough resilient, flexible rawhide in which a screw is adapted to be driven, the nature of the material of the plug permitting the screw to cut its own threads when screwed therein, whereby the plug is rendered self-tapping. A further object is to provide a device of the above nature which will be simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to install and manipulate, compact, and very eflicient and durable in use.

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Very few models, maybe only the test-samples, were produced under the Chicago Coin-Sign. The units may include the first Chicago Coin-versions too. The above intro text acts a bit like a 'wiki' and can be edited by all Pinside members, including you! This game has received 3 approved Pinsider ratings.

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Rawhide Hammers

Buffalo Hide faces tightly coiled and heavily pressed on powerful hydraulic press is fixed in to the recess provided in the hammer head. Faces and hammer head turned for correct balance for a faultless blow. Firmness and resilience of blow that will neither dent nor damage a finished surface are the outstanding characteristic of this hammer. Established in , Trade Combine focused on import and distribution in the field of Linear Measurement and Test Equipments from conventional micrometers, calipers, dial gauges to more advanced like Digital Hardness Testers, Anemometers, Coating Thickness Gauges, Surface Finish Testers, etc. In , We started manufacturing of hand tools viz.

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This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Vancouver, British Columbia-- Newsfile Corp. The Rawhide mine is located approximately 50 miles from Fallon, Nevada, and is a fully permitted open pit heap leaching operation that is currently producing gold and silver dor?.

Left by Rawhide

Still not content with this performance, Rawhide invested in new technology and equipment upgrades to further optimize performance, reduce emissions, and keep cost competitive. Platte River Power Authority Platte River , established by the state of Colorado in , is the wholesale electricity provider to the municipal power systems of its owner-communities: Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont, and Loveland. Platte River generates and transmits power to the municipalities, which distribute it to homes and businesses.

Instructions on how to make an EPA appointment can be found here. This commitment is demonstrated by the resources invested in accident prevention, such as training personnel and considering safety in the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of our processes. Our policy is to implement reasonable controls to prevent foreseeable releases of regulated substances. However, if a release does occur, gas plant trained personnel will respond to control and contain the release. As a result of this operation, several EPA regulated flammable substances are processed, recovered, and stored at the facility e.

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Leaders of Platte River Power Authority — the power provider for Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park and Longmont — unveiled paths toward nearly percent clean electricity for all four communities Thursday. Fresh off a tour of southeast Wyoming, 98 cars wait single-file at the Rawhide Energy Station north of Wellington. A rotary machine turns each car belly-up, dumping the coal in a cavernous pit. But coal can only get so clean. In , Rawhide Energy Station was the biggest polluter in Larimer County, with six times the greenhouse gas emissions of the second-largest polluter. Fort Collins leaders have vowed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent of levels by and achieve carbon neutrality by Shutting down coal units before then would be a huge stride toward those goals, and it could improve air quality and decrease electricity costs for residents in the long-term.

Dec 18, - Rawhide is a fully permitted operation that produces gold and outstanding Rawhide Units for an aggregate purchase price of US $,

The plan calls for ceasing all coal-burning energy production and making up the difference with increases in natural gas, hydro, wind and solar power. Instead, the carbon that is produced from burning natural gas and from reservoirs storing water used in hydropower would be offset through the sale of PRPA power in other areas of the state. Under the least-cost model, Platte River would serve about 75 percent of its customer energy load with renewable energy, and 25 percent with natural gas, a PRPA press release states. The use of natural gas helps offset a risk with the plan: issues with renewable energy storage, and the need for backup power in case of weather unfavorable for hydro, wind or solar power generation. The use of lithium ion battery storage was considered by Pace Global, but it was determined to be less cost-effective as the technology does not yet have enough capacity for energy storage.

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The Rawhide Mine is a coal mine located 10 miles Rawhide produces a low-sulfur, sub-bituminous coal from the Roland and Smith seams. This coal is used for domestic energy generation and shipped to customers via railroad.

DCP Midstream starts operations at new Rawhide gas processing plant

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This patent application claims the benefit of foreign priority, pursuant to 35 U. This invention relates to the area of animal nutrition and pet chews.

Subscribers to LWN. If you appreciate our content, please buy a subscription and make the next set of articles possible. By Jonathan Corbet July 16, Your editor has long made an effort to keep a variety of Linux distributions around; this is done both to avoid seeming to endorse any particular distribution and to have a better idea of what the various distributors are up to. The main desktop system, though, has been running Fedora Rawhide for many years. That particular era appears to be coming to an end; it is worthwhile to look at why that is happening and how it reflects on how the Fedora project operates.

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This invention relates to a method for the manufacture of substantially pure rawhide snacks and chews for pets, especially for dogs and cats, from rawhide scraps and rawhide. Pet chews and snacks can be manufactured by treating by-products from cattle and other animals to produce hardened substances which resemble bone and are enjoyable and healthful for pets to chew on. The pet chew manufacturing industry has long sought an efficient method for manufacturing pet chews which results in a substantially pure rawhide product, i. It has also long been desired to achieve a rawhide pet chew product by utilizing rawhide scraps, which are the by-products of the manufacture of other rawhide products. The scraps are often chemically treated and present disposal problems.

(EMX EMX.V) EMX Royalty Invests in the Rawhide Gold-Silver Mining Operation, Nevada

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