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Industry building spun silk products

Industry building spun silk products

The Tabitha Cottage Industry programme is another arm of the Tabitha Cambodia integrated community development programmes. The handicrafts include traditionally hand dyed and woven silk and its manufacture into saleable items in a cottage industry environment. Tabitha Cambodia pays workers a fair price for all products, providing training, employment and income. The products are marketed worldwide and sell at very reasonable prices. According to Cambodian Legend, the art of silk weaving started when a doctor returned home to find his wife spinning out silk threads from her mouth.

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Spinning mills in thailand

In addition to the chief products of the sericultural industry, there are a host of waste materials eliminated during manufacturing, which have commercial value During rearing, pierced cocoons and double cocoons are created.

Silk reeling generates brushing waste, end-missing cocoons and pupae. Double cocoons are processed to make doupion silk. Other rejected cocoons and waste are re-processed into flow silk and spun silk yarns.

The pupae are sold for fertilizer, feed stuff and other agricultural purposes. Natural fancy doupion silk can be made from double cocoons. Current practices also mix inferiors single cocoons with double cocoons in the reeling process Table Coarse size d or d doupion silk is reeled by one end only; finer 60d doupion is usually reeled by 2 ends.

The reeler gropes the cocoons in the pot with the groping broom held in the right hand and feeds the ends to the thread passing through the guide.

Tasar cocoons have a compact structure and composition distinct from that of mulberry cocoons. The cooking methods and chemical treatment shown in Table 26 reflect details of Tasar processing. The Sitting type doupion silk reeling machines are used for and denier Tasar silk, and Mult-ends reeling machines or Pedal reeling machines are used for the fine denier silk. The "Natwa" pedal reeling machine used for fine Tasar reeling is made of bamboo and wood.

While productivity is low, it is widely used in India because it is simple to operate and requires small investment cost. The Pedal reeling machine is derived from spinning equipment with twisting and winding of the yarn without a fan system. The machine has 4 spindles and a wooden wheel of cm circumference for winding the yarn. It is driven by a foot pedal and the cocoons are reeled by hand. Table Reeling efficiency of doupion silk by the sizes of thread G.

Kim, et. Sizes of thread Formation of raw material cocoons. Results First stage Second stage Solution alum 0. Eri cocoons are open mouthed with a discontinuous filament, which make them suitable only for spinning.

Approximately 90 percent of Eri cocoons are hand spun in Assam, India. The characteristics of Eri cocoon bave are shown in Table A survey of characteristics of Eri cocoon bave B. Choe, et. Cocoon Cocoon bave Composition of bave Weight g : 2. Width mm : Size denier : 1. Floss silk may be manufactured from any kind of cocoons, but principally it is processed from pierced, end-missing, and double cocoons. Floss silk is beneficial as paddy against cold weather and as a basis for hand spun yarns.

The procedure to create floss silk involves degumming, opening-up and finishing. Cocoons are boiled in hot water with added alkali to remove gum and make them soft. If degumming is insufficient, the opening-up will not be easy: conversely over degumming makes floss silk fragile.

An example of chemicals used:. Degummed cocoons are put in clean water and opened up individually by turning each one inside out to remove pupae and other waste. Several cocoon shells are stacked to form a bog into which the fingers of both hands are placed and spread in the water. These are then hung on a frame. Generally, when a sheet of floss silk reaches around 6 grams, it is taken from the frame see appendix, Figure The, the liquid is squeezed out and the floss silk is shaped to be air dried in the shade from a pole or a rope.

Yield of floss silk and spun silk by different cocoon raw materials K. Song, et. Different cocoons. Index Grams per person in 1 hr. Index Double cocoons Pierced cocoons. Cut cocoons Short lengths of inferior silk filaments taken from waste material are combed and spun together as silk thread. Spun silk threads are soft but less lustrous, strong and elastic than reeled silks. Spun silk fabric will become fuzzy with wear as the yarn is made from short material.

Spun silk is less expensive than reeled silk. Although spun silk has less strength and elasticity than reeled silk because of the shorter staple used, it possesses all the general characteristics of reeled silk. Tub silk fabric, for example, is made of spun silk, yet it gives good service when the quality of the fibre is good. Spun silk is used for shantung, pile fabrics, dress trimmings and linings, elastic webbing, sewing silk, summer weight silks, velvets, umbrella fabrics and insulation.

The waste derived from the processing of spun silk yearn is also used. Such fibre is labelled as waste silk, silk waste or most frequently noil silk and silk noil. Silk noil may be reprocessed into spun yarn ad woven into textured fabrics for draperies, upholstery and sportswear.

These fabrics are dull, rough, with a cotton-like appearance and more resilience. The size of spun silk thread is defined in a similar manner to standards used for cotton yarn. In the case of spun silk the notation has a different meaning. Silkworms hatched from the moth Antheraea mulitt, live on oak leaves instead of mulberry leaves consumed by cultivated species.

Oak leaves produce an irregular and coarse filament that is hard to bleach and hard to dye. Wild silk has a tan colour derived from the tannin in the oak leaves. It is commonly woven from this naturally coloured thread and is rarely dyed except in solid shades.

Wild silk is less lustrous than cultivated silk, since about 11 percent of sericin is removed in the degumming process. Wild silk fabrics are durable, washable and less expensive than pure dyed silk. Typical finished fabrics in this category are rajah, shantung, tussah and pongee. Solution NaOH 0. Sitting type reeling machine for doupion silk reeling Reeling cocoon number per thread : 40 pcs.

Size of thread denier Weight of reeled silk per reeler : Silk ratio of cocoon : 8. Contents - Previous - Next. Sizes of thread. Formation of raw material cocoons. Reeling efficiency gams per person in 8 hours.

Solution alum 0. Weight g : 2. Size denier : 1. Double cocoons Pierced cocoons Unreelable, reel-off cocoons Waste cocoons Cut cocoons. Figure Spun silk manufacturing process.

As a silk specialized trading company

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Please fill in your details to download the Table of Contents of this report for free. We also do customization of these reports so you can write to us at mi fibre2fashion. Silk industry in India is an agro based industry.

With a history that goes back more than 50 years we have established many of our own strongpoints, and continue to challenge the possibilities of creative and high quality fibers. There he learned the basics of the textile industry. Three years later he left to start a business of his own. At first he simply took orders as a subcontractor for the local dyeing factory.

Filament Silk Thread

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Lao Sericulture

Since , Matsumura has developed silk business. We have long history of import and export of silk yarn and silk fabric. We have good relationship with fabric makers and yarn dealers over the world. We develop our business from materials to products. Our strong point is worldwide purchase source of raw silk, the production of twisted yarns and fabrics in China and Vietnam and the sales route to many countries.

If you want to use our Thailand product sourcing Service please email bangkokcompanies gmail. Fatima Textile Mills is a leading group from textile industry which started its business in

Silk has set the standard in luxury fabrics for several millennia. The origins of silk date back to Ancient China. Legend has it that a Chinese princess was sipping tea in her garden when a cocoon fell into her cup, and the hot tea loosened the long strand of silk. Ancient literature, however, attributes the popularization of silk to the Chinese Empress Si-Ling, to around B.

spun silk machine

This required:. Village Silk Display Xieng Kouang. Village silk production using native varieties of silk worm is a cultural feature of most Lao villages primarily to meet their own clothing requirements. Through the introduction of hybrid varieties of silk worm and mulberry food stocks, significant advances can be made in producing greater volumes of higher quality silk and silk products to meet the growing and unsatisfied market demand locally and abroad.

Dream di group co. Company is mainly engaged in silk, cotton, linen, chemical fiber and blended knitting series of fabric and clothing production and sales. Main products are silk, spun silk, cotton, wool, chemical fiber and blended, the annual production capacity of tons, knitting clothing fabrics more than pieces, forming round machine series and flat knitting machine series two categories, product sales of the main markets are America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. In , the company sales of million yuan, profit total Group company internal functions: presidents office, financial department, department, hr department; Division subordinate production and business operation entities: fabric, clothing department, dreams di sweater, dream, dream di import and export company, di hengtai real estate company, bear the knitted fabric weaving, dyeing, clothing one-stop production. Dream di attaches great importance to brand building, vigorously carry out brand construction activity, successively won the zhejiang province famous brand products, zhejiang famous trademark, well-known firms in zhejiang province, zhejiang export famous brand such as the honorary title.

In addition to the chief products of the sericultural industry, there are a host of waste materials eliminated during manufacturing, which have commercial value During rearing, pierced cocoons and double cocoons are created. Silk reeling generates brushing waste, end-missing cocoons and pupae. Double cocoons are processed to make doupion silk. Other rejected cocoons and waste are re-processed into flow silk and spun silk yarns. The pupae are sold for fertilizer, feed stuff and other agricultural purposes. Natural fancy doupion silk can be made from double cocoons. Current practices also mix inferiors single cocoons with double cocoons in the reeling process Table

We offer a diverse product line for both knitting and weaving industries to fulfuill demands of customer worldwide. Nan Yang Textile Building, 27 Phetkasem Rd. Ginnery Extending beyond the value chain as Spun Silk Yarn in Thailand.

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Standards Yearbook. United States. National Bureau of Standards. National standardizing agencies.

Filament Silk Thread. The store is located on the south side of Arch St in the middle of the twelve hundred block between 12th St. Satin is a weave.

The designations employed and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion what so ever on the part of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. Permission to make digital or hard copies of part or all of this work for personal or classroom use is hereby granted without fee and without a formal request provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear this notice and full citation on the first page.

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