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Space product other sewing products

Style, Comfort And Convenience. The Bernina Sewing Station has an abundance of storage space and large sewing surface. Features a lift-up storage compartment with a soft-closing hinges for thread, magnetic pins and notions. Sold exclusively at Bernina Retailers. Options also available for Series models. Partial assembly required.

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Warranty: 2-Year Limit Description CNY Promo! What is Ban Soon Care? Babylock Janome Brother. Available: 3. Availability: In Stock. Select options. Thread the loopers with just the touch of a button and then thread the needles automatically with the touch of another button! You'll have more time to focus on your creativity than worrying about setting up your machine. The Baby Lock Gloria also has all the features you've come to expect from Baby Lock Sergers that make all your creative dreams a reality.

Using patented RevolutionAir threading, Baby Lock Gloria's loopers and needles are threaded for you with just the touch of a button. RevolutionAir technology minimizes setup and gives you more time to create all your important projects. Baby Lock's RevolutionAir Threading makes setting up your machine faster and easier than ever, every single time.

Tangles, knots and breakage are now a thing of the past! You'll love adding decorative stitches to yards and yards of fabric. To do so, they created a thread delivery unit to give each one a flawless look. Plus, you can combine overlocking and cover stitching in the same operation. This leaves both of your hands free for extra control on detailed stitches. This protects your machine from needing repairs, allowing you to serge worry free!

Your thread remains protected and tangle-free. This ensures stronger feeding as well as more consistent gathering on all fabrics. Functions include chain, cover, and triple cover stitches. All three cover needles are controlled by one tension dial, so you can save time with one simple adjustment. This exclusive feature protects your fabric and prevents needle deflection.

What's more, the Babylock Gloria sews through heavier fabrics better than most cover stitch machines. The new model Gloria marks a new milestone. Apart from some well-known features from the successful baby lock overlock machines, the new machine will impress you with the so-called RevolutionAirTM threading system. This fully automated jet-air threading system lets you thread not only the loopers but also the needle eyes easily with just a press of a button.

The knee lift and the speed regulation offer unique comfort for complicated stitching projects. The automatic thread delivery system makes operation even easier because the thread tension no longer has to be adjusted by hand. Switching over from the cover stitch to the overlock stitch is already easy as it is.

But the new machine now reduces the number of steps needed to change the needles even further. Baby Lock was the first to introduce the world to sergers with easy air threading and no tension knobs. Now, the Baby Lock Ovation eight-thread serger brings you the largest workspace in the home serger industry. The Ovation has other innovative features like a knee lift and six bright LED lights to make every sewing project easier. The Ovation steps into a new realm of serging. From home decor to garments, it's time for outstanding performance.

Together, you will be able to transform the world around you into a work of your creation. You'll love adding decorative stitching to yards and yards of fabric. Enjoy perfectly balanced stitches regardless of the type of fabric you're using. From the tiniest rolled hem to the exclusive Wave Stitch, you'll have many stitch options for every project. The very idea of threading an eight-thread serger can be downright intimidating.

The Extraordinaire air threading system is fascinating to watch. All you have to do is pull off a length of thread the owner's manual specifies 22 inches or 56 centimeters for those who prefer metric measurements then insert the end into the appropriate opening inside the looper door and push the button. The thread actually automatically goes all the way through the machine and out the other end without you having to do anything at all.

The instructions tell you that if the thread doesn't go all the way through on the first try, to push the button again. With up to eight threads to work with, the Extraordinair threading system certainly makes the threading process much less taxing.

For your convenience, a graphic color-coded threading guide is affixed to the inside of the looper door. Plus, you can thread the Evolution in any order. Threading has never been this fast, easy or extraordinary. The Evolution will deliver a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread. It even goes from one fabric type to another without skipping.

Baby Lock took the differential feed mechanism to a new level by adding a single unit feed dog mechanism. You also want one that is solidly built and one that does not make a lot of noise while you are sewing.

The Baby Lock Evolution has all those qualities. The sheer number of stitch options offered by this machine may be scary for those new to serger machines and those without much exprience working with one. However, nothing can't be solved with a patience and pratice. And it will be worthwhile! There are a lot of options here for a beginner to try to negotiate, but anyone who is already accustomed to working on a serger and ready to step up their game will probably be very happy with the Baby Lock Evolution.

The tubular looper is a great advantage when it comes to threading, and the ExtraordinAir push button air threading system is a definite plus. There is certainly a sense of assurance while working with this machine. The on board display system aids like the bright lighting, the fact that each spool pin tells you whether it holds looper or needle thread, the on board thread cutter, and the easy to use differential feed, stitch selection dial and stitch length adjustment control.

If, however, you are ready to explore the possibilities of doing more than the traditional tasks home sewers use sergers for and are ready to take on lots of new and different challenges and do many more things with your next serger, the Baby Lock Evolution could very well be the perfect addition to your sewing room. With just one push of a button, Extraording Air takes all your thread through all the loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air.

Plus, expand your creative options with the exclusive Wave stitch. How can Baby Lock improve sergers even more? This revolutionary serger features the latest in threading technology, Extraording Air Threading. With just one push of a button, the Extraording Air takes your thread through all the loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air.

With so many innovations, the Enlighten will teach you just how easy serging can be. With just one push of a button, Self Threading Needle takes your thread through all the loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air.

Try different thread colors and stitch widths to easily serge a one-of-a-kind creation. Whether you are looking for a 4- or 3-thread overlock, narrow hem or flatlock stitch, the Victory delivers the perfect stitch. There are no thread guides, no struggling, and there's plenty of extra time to serge away.

The Imagine will deliver a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread. This eliminates threading mistakes and protects the thread, giving you more freedom to serge than ever before. This protects your machine from needing repairs, allowing you to serge worry free. The Victory delivers a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread. Tubular loopers eliminate threading mistakes and protect the thread for more serging freedom.

This ensures stronger feeding as well as consistent gathering on all fabrics. This dial includes an Automatic Rolled Hem setting that will retract the built-in stitch width finger for a rolled hem finish. The built- in stitch fingers actually move with the knife blade, adjusting the seam concurrently with the cutting width. You may also like: Sewing Machine.

This sweet, simple, but elegant stitch can embellish almost anything. It produces stitches that look exactly as if they were made by hand.

It is speedy and precise stitching. The Sashiko perfectly replicates this distinctive and celebrated stitch with a unique needle system and adjustable stitches and spacing. It the produces stitches that look exactly as if they were made by hand. Available: 4. The solid metal body provides the robustness required by schools and heavy users, whilst the design makes it so easy to use. Its stitch perfect, the machine runs smoothly and has the power needed to sew denim of multiple layers or sheer fabrics.

Cleverly designed and easy to use, it has all the stitches required for day-to-day sewing, dressmaking, soft furnishing and crafts. Stitches are chosen via three dials: one to select the type of stitch, one to select the length and an independent stitch width for added versatility.

Turn the selector dial and choose from 23 practical and decorative stitches including a 1-step auto-size buttonhole. The sewing foot pressure is fully adjustable to easily adapt to varying fabric thickness - great when you need to sew around the bottom of jeans or bulky seams.

The HD is fitted with Janome's top loading bobbin system that provides excellent stitch quality and is resistant to thread jamming.

You will also appreciate its smooth, quiet running and the mechanism doesn't require oiling. Needle threading is quick and easy, thanks to the built-in threader. There's even a 'drop feed' for easier free-motion sewing to embellish your masterpiece with your own individual creativity. The presser foot extends to cope with thick seams and there's a sleeve arm to get round trouser bottoms, sleeves and other awkward to sew parts.

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CVG designs, engineers and produces trim systems and components for commercial vehicle cab interiors. Our in-house expertise and state-of-the-art thermal and acoustic labs and tools lead to solutions that improve vehicle performance. They address issues such as idle reduction, while ensuring vehicle operator and occupant comfort. Parts can be color matched or top good wrapped to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the interior.

The old-fashioned five-and-dime store is a classic example of a wide variety strategy. In modern times, the controlled chaos of a dollar store may best illustrate the concept. Generally, a wide variety strategy is best suited to a boutique or small store rather than a big box store.

In order to properly feel creative, you must have a creative space in which you feel comfortable and inspired. We have all experienced, after completing a sewing project, the disastrous mess of materials strewn about like a tornado ripped through your space. Your sewing room should feel familiar, like a close friend that you are always excited to spend time with. The color of your sewing room can impact your overall mood and temperament.

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Find a Retailer. You may think the Baby Lock Jazz II quilting and sewing machine is the same old song at first, but it gets into the groove with its own melody right away. The Jazz II comes with everything a quilter would want, plus the features you need on a utility stitch machine to get the job done — all at an affordable price! Making a larger quilt or working on a bulky project? No problem. The Jazz II has an expanded throat space that gives you plenty of room to work comfortably. You can choose to have your needle start in the up or down position, eliminating interruptions and making it easier to complete your projects faster. We've increased the size of a standard reverse lever, making it easier to get your hand on it without taking your focus off your work. With just a few simple motions, your needle is threaded and ready to use. No more struggling with bobbin changes midway through a project.

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Warranty: 2-Year Limit Description CNY Promo! What is Ban Soon Care? Babylock Janome Brother.

Shop today. Browse our full selection of electronic cutting machines!

Sewing is the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with needle and thread. Sewing is one of the oldest of the textile arts , arising the in Paleolithic Era. Although usually associated with clothing and household linens , sewing is used in a variety of crafts and industries, including shoemaking , upholstery , sailmaking , bookbinding and the manufacturing of some kinds of sporting goods.

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All with layering functionality. A swooshy maxi dress with a beautiful deep back and a pretty cut out on the lower back. It is bra friendly, closed by a concealed zip along the side, and has very deep pockets!

Sewing Pins Walmart. These pins are made of superior quality steel and are designed to pierce smoothly through most fabrics, without bending. Surround yourself with the best sewing supplies to ensure a great outcome for all of your sewing projects. Christmas Trees. Black Friday Deals. For every sewing project there is a notions need.

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After sharing my sewing room tour and the complete source list , I realized that a whole lot of the room is straight from ikea! I compiled this list of my favorite things that are perfect for sewing spaces of all sizes! These are my tried and true recommendations! Linmon Tables with Adils Legs. An upgrade from the card table I used to sew on. I also love the space underneath! Raskog Utility Cart.

The new for product lineup has something for everyone! Once again The design will rotate and position itself in the designated space. View Product.

Keep your sewing machine and accessories organized with our wide range sewing storage items. Explore our complete range at Spotlight for the best deals. Rate this product: 5.

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Provide high sewing quality to customers with line-up that responds to various sewing needs centering on long-selling models that have been patronized for many years. More Details. Some products are regionally specific; for up to date sales availability, please check your local web page. Click here.

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Consumer Reports no longer updates this product category and maintains it for archival purposes only. What's the best sewing machine for you? That depends on your skill level and budget.

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Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here. I am a novice seamstress, so I only needed a simple machine … I am totally impressed with everything about the machine. Set-up and instructions for use were clearly explained, and it worked like a charm, even going through thick portions of material easily.

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Design My Costume is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. Do you like to sew in your spare time? Getting the best sewing table means redefining your entire sewing experience. Such a table means a lot more than just a simple table with sturdy legs and a large working surface.

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