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Space production regenerate, crude rubbers, different glues, products from latexes, glues and gummed

Space production regenerate, crude rubbers, different glues, products from latexes, glues and gummed

Brake cleaner with excellent dissolving properties. Brake Cleaner leaves no residue and is non-conductive and noncorrosive. MoTip Brake Cleaner has a powerful jetspray and can be used in various positions. Dries in a few minutes. Application: drum brakes and disc brakes, brake blocks, other brake parts and clutches. It does not contain cadmium and lead.

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Brake cleaner with excellent dissolving properties. Brake Cleaner leaves no residue and is non-conductive and noncorrosive. MoTip Brake Cleaner has a powerful jetspray and can be used in various positions. Dries in a few minutes. Application: drum brakes and disc brakes, brake blocks, other brake parts and clutches. It does not contain cadmium and lead. For industrial applications, in car workshops and factories.

Removes and dissolves greasy stains, lubricants and silicone from brake discs, clutch parts, transmission parts, cables, tool components, etc. Removed impurities are bonded and washed away. Minimum pressure 5 bar, maximum pressure 10 bar compressed air.

Suitable for ml active substance. Highly concentrated twophase chemical For mechanical cleaning of road grime, heavy transport vehicles, containers, tarpaulins, machine bodies.

Removes any oil and grease dirt. Strong foamy agent Highly concentrated, foaming formula designed for basic and pre-wash. Dissolves and removes road grime, oils and stubborn dirt without using even a brush or a sponge.

Application: the product is intended for use in spray, pressure, foaming systems or traditional hand washing. For pre- and basic washing. Has excellent degreasing properties and a very broad application. In concentrated form has two layers, but perfectly mixed.

Can be used as a foam, low pressure or pressure spraying. It may be used in the form of foam or low pressure spray. Suitable for cleaning vehicles, tarpaulins and engines. Its unique formula makes it extremely effective. The product easily removes stains, dust and other road dirt. Avoid using this preparation on hot surfaces. Nice scent. The product has excellent degreasing properties and contains corrosion inhibitors.

Does not contain phosphates. Spray, with excellent dissolving properties, to remove tar, bitumen, asphalt and resin. Versatile and effective water-based degreaser Created as a complex of micro emulsions of citrus oils and surfactants.

Ideal for quick degreasing when traditional, strongly alkaline products can not be used. Industrial parts cleaner Heavy duty cleaner based on natural orange terpenes for safe cleaning of machinery and equipment during maintenance activities. An ideal alternative to traditional solvents and highly alkaline cleaning agents. Safe on all metal surfaces and on most rubbers, plastics and coatings. Will quickly remove numerous different types of soiling and contamination.

Natural citrus scent. Removes self-adhesive paper labels from most surfaces in minutes after wetting test on plastics prior to use. Food processing safe. Removes greases, oil, lubricants, non-cured adhesives and dirt from equipment, machines and metal parts. When applying to large surfaces or in dip baths, ensure explosion prevention. Test on plastics before use.

Dissolves and loosens unwanted paint and inks from aerosols, pens and markers. Safe to be used on most substrates. Prevents damage to the original surface due to excessive scratching. Does not leave an acid or alkaline residue, which could damage concrete, plaster or cement.

Effective insect remover for paint surfaces, metal parts, cooler covers, windowpanes, mirrors, front lights and plastic. Highly concentrated high-pressure basic detergent. Effectively cleans stubborn dirt, e. Dedicated for workshops and industrial plants. Active pre-spray agent, effortlessly removes the most stubborn grease and oil stains. It easily accelerates the softening and removal of insect residues.

Thanks to the special formula, it can easily remove spots of asphalt, tar and resin of conifers. It removes also residues of labels, adhesive tapes and the traces left by toll stickers. Safe for application to car paint. Suitable for ceramic and concrete. Special cleaner Intended for concrete and paving.

Removes oils, grease, tar, light and heavy dirt. Effectively removes stubborn, even hard washable dirt. Creates a soft polymer coating which protects against dirt and further facilitates maintenance of the current care.

Eliminates polluting oil stains quickly and effectively from all absorbent and non-absorbent. Powerful deep cleaner effectively removes the most stubborn stains, such as oil, grease, soot, blood and proteins.

Low foam production. Also suitable for shiny surfaces and furnishings. Electro preservative offers good penetration to help avoid starting problems caused by moisture. Electro protect is water and moisture repellent. It is also resistant to salt, weak acids, bases and is pH-neutral.

MoTip Electro Protect offers excellent adhesion and corrosion protection. Spray with high dissolving properties to clean electrical contacts. Contact cleaner is non-conductive and noncorrosive and leaves no residue. MoTip Contact Cleaner has a powerful jetspray and can be used in various positions.

Effective tool to tracecracks in printed circuit boards. Freezer electronic can be used in various positions. Improves and restores the performance and reliability of Mass Air Flow sensors as used on modern injection engines. Cleaner for electrical contacts and other elements - Fast drying electronic components cleaner - Removes oil, dirt and grease on printed circuit boards, relays and switches - Improves the performance and reliability of electronic equipment.

The preparation is a precise and effective cleaning solvent that does not contain glycol and chlorine. Cleans and preserves car potentiometers. Evaporates fast. Works with no need to dismount the element to be cleaned. Ensures conductance of the component. Formula suitable as well for other types of electronic systems in audio system. Modern, fast-acting formula for cleaning of contacts and devices of electric components and systems.

Leaves no build-up nor bloom after application. Removes grease, dirt, blooms and various build-ups from spark plugs an other electrical equipment.

Facilitates motor ignition, ensures correct functioning of electrical system. Spray it on and wash corrosion off. Works in just three minutes. Penetrates and removes corrosion, dirt and grime instantly. Cleans all types of storage batteries and attachments in emergency power supply systems. The Cleaner also distinguishes itself by means of a very fast evaporation that is free of residues. The starting and idling properties of the vehicle are thus impaired, the engine performance is reduced and the fuel consumption increases.

Makes the car electrical system reliable. Reduces wear. Suppresses moisture. Neutral to paints, plastics and rubber. Cleans and protects from corrosion. Good lubricating properties. Full synthetic. High quality spray to clean electrical contacts: - Powerful jetspray - High dissolving properties - Leaves no residue - Non-conductive - Non-corrosive.

It cleans and degreases electrical parts, such as: sparking plugs, breakers, cables, contacts, fuses, facilitates ignition, acts as an anti-corrosion agent, protects against humidity and against surface oxidation.

Glossary of Terminology

Adhesives Setting by Polyaddition. Adhesion Theories. Adhesives Setting by Polycondensa- 3. Raw Materials for Adhesives.

Usually ships within 5 days. Animal glues are essentially natural high-polymer proteins.

It is used when stiffness of the label is important. Opacity is high because of its thickness. See also humidity and relative humidity. Inks will also absorb into most paper face stocks. This is a designation for top coating on foil face stock that is acrylic top coated.

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Abrasion Resistance - The ability of a tape to withstand rubbing or wearing away by friction and still function satisfactorily. Accelerated Aging - A method in which pressure sensitive materials are subjected to special environmental conditions in order to measure the effects of natural aging in a shorter period of time. Acrylic Adhesive - A pressure sensitive, viscoelastic blend of acrylic-based high strength polymers which may be modified by tackifying additives. Acrylic adhesives are a very broad class of materials and come in many types to achieve different properties. Acrylic - A synthetic polymer with excellent aging characteristics that can be used as either a single component adhesive or a coating or saturant, depending upon composition. Acrylic - Based Adhesive - Pure acrylic adhesives are typically higher temperature performing pressure sensitive adhesive materials and have excellent chemical, UV, solvent and aging resistance. Acrylic adhesives are resistant to plasticizers such as flexible PVC and have high shear strength. Typically requires more setup time to create a good bond that is permanent. Adhesion Failure - The separation of two materials at the surface interface rather than within one of the materials itself.

Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants

Christopher, Chicago, and Harland H. Young, Western Springs, Application December 5, Serial No. Animal glue and gelatin products which form tough, non-tacky films set by virtue of their tendency to lose moisture and their tendency to congeal to a gel.

By: Beth W. McMinn and Jill B.

Rubber cement is an adhesive made from elastic polymers typically latex mixed in a solvent such as acetone , hexane , heptane or toluene to keep them fluid enough to be used. This makes it part of the class of drying adhesives : as the solvents quickly evaporate, the rubber solidifies, forming a strong yet flexible bond. Rubber cement is simply a mixture of solid rubber in a volatile solvent that will dissolve it.


Department of Defense Washington, D. Adhesive Bonding Date. This standardization handbook was developed by the Department of Defense in.

Specialty and Industrial Coatings. Inks and Printing. Intermediates and Solvents. Skin and Sun Care. Paper and Coatings. Architectural Paints.

Trade Mark Journal No.2019/013 29 March 2019

Handbook of Adhesion Technology pp Cite as. There is a pervading presence of adhesive joints in nature. Adhesive secretions are used by organisms for attachment, construction, obstruction, defense, and predation. Most natural materials are hybrid materials combining organic and inorganic building blocks. Bioadhesives are able to build durable interfaces between hard and soft materials, often of disparate scales, and exhibit a certain number of characteristics that make them differ greatly from synthetic adhesives. The title of this chapter Bioadhesives includes a broad variety of different concepts: natural adhesives, biological adhesives, biocompatible adhesives, and biomimetic and bioinspired adhesives. The term natural adhesive describes substances that are formulated from partially or totally bio-based raw materials, which are employed as adhesives in man-made technology, but are not substances used by biological systems as glues.

Edible products of animal origin, not elsewhere specified or Casein glues for use in the manufacture of gummed tapes, coated.

If a trademark is used for goods and services under different classes, separate applications are required to be filed under each class to get protection of trademark for the respective goods and services. Paper and cardboard; Printed matter; Bookbinding material; Photographs; Stationery and office requisites, except furniture; Adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Drawing materials and materials for artists; Paintbrushes; Instructional and teaching materials; Plastic sheets, films and bags for wrapping and packaging; Printers' type, printing blocks. Need Help? Register Trademark. Class:

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