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Warehouse plant ice

Warehouse plant ice

As demand for perishable products grows worldwide, efficient and effective cold chain management requires strong partnerships and quick reactions. Shippers have been managing the challenge of transporting temperature-sensitive goods since the s, when British fishermen began using ice to preserve their catch while at sea. Today, the global market for cold chain products is expanding rapidly. Developing countries are driving some of the growth. Correctly maintaining the temperature of perishable products is necessary to preserve quality and safety from the point of harvest or manufacture through the supply chain to the consumer.


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The Little Creamery

These structures, all of which date from the first decade of the twentieth century, reflect the growth spurred on by the construction of the Santa Fe Railroad and the emergence of Fresno as an important agricultural center. The three buildings are situated on a 1. One of the oldest and least altered structures in the area is the Wormser Warehouse, constructed in for the Wormser Furniture Company.

This simple but large rectangular building has two floors plus a ground-level basement for a total of 21, square feet. It has a low-gabled, composition roof with stepped parapet trim at both gables. The floors are wooden and the walls are eight-inch brick in a stretcher bond pattern. The double-hung, two-sash windows are arched with radiating brick trim. Among the building's most distinguishing features are a trussed ceiling spanning fifty feet, eight skylights, and a centrally located freight elevator.

Among the few alterations from the structure's original condition are the partitioning of office space and the addition of a guyed porch in It is a two-story building with a ground-level basement and flat composition roof. As in the Wormser Warehouse, this building also has double-hung, two-sash windows that are arched with radiating brick trim. Alterations to the Swift plant include an expansion to the packing plant in , loading docks across the entire front and rear of the building and a cooling tower in , the elevation of the roof to a new height in , and a tunnel in The tunnel was built under P Street to connect the packing plant to an eviscerating plant directly across the street.

Hammond in The ice house was constructed in a manner similar to the other two structures. It is a rectangular two- and three-story building with a full basement, flat roof, and several loading docks. The walls were made of eight-inch brick in a stretcher bond pattern, and there were some Queen Anne-style brick detailing along the cornice. The double-hung, two-sash windows were arched with radiating brick trim. In , a power house was added to the building, and in a garage and office area was added.

The cold storage area was enlarged in , and again in when a three-story poured concrete structure was added to the original ice house. In August the brick portions of the Consumers Ice Company were declared a public safety hazard and demolished.

The only section of this building that remains is the three-story concrete structure below. With the advent of irrigation in the s and early s, Fresno County began its transformation into one of the richest agricultural counties in the United States. The population of Fresno County nearly doubled during the first decade of the twentieth century, from 37, to 75,, and the city of Fresno became the hub for the increasing agricultural and commercial activity. At about this same time, the Santa Fe Railroad came to Fresno, providing incentive for even more growth.

During these boom years in Fresno's history the three Warehouse Row buildings were constructed. They were built to accommodate the needs of burgeoning population, and remain today as a significant reminder of Fresno's beginnings as a center of agriculture, transportation and commerce. In the fierce heat of Fresno's summers, ice has always been an indispensable commodity. This was especially true in the early s, before the use modern cooling systems.

It was advertised at that time as the largest such facility on the Pacific Coast. The company changed its name to Fresno Consumers Ice Company in It concentrated solely on the manufacturing of ice, the first plant in Fresno to do so. It also was the first ice company in Fresno to make home deliveries.

Horse-drawn wagons were used until , when the company made the transition to trucks. At its peak, the Fresno Consumers Ice Company had a production capacity of thirty tons a day. Its work force grew from in to employees during the s and s. In , the company made the transition from ice production to cold storage, but by then it already had made its mark in the commercial development of Fresno. In a valley famous for its heat and shipping of agricultural products, the Fresno Consumers Ice Company supplied an indispensable product.

Another important link in the agricultural and commercial development of Fresno was the Western Meat Company packing plant, built in In the company was sold to Swift and Co. In , the plant was converted completely to turkey production. In that same year, ice production ceased at the Fresno Consumers Ice Company plant, and the Swift Company leased that building to store and refrigerate fresh frozen turkeys. A hatchery was constructed at P Street, directly across the street from the Swift plant.

During the next decade the Swift Company became an integral part of the turkey industry in the San Joaquin Valley. Swift's own hatchery increased poult production by 1,, birds per year. The company would buy the eggs, hatch them, and then sell them to valley farmers to raise to maturity.

Swift then bought the turkey back and processed them at their plant. To handle the increased processing, an eviscerating plant was built across the street next door to the hatchery. In , to convey the turkeys from the eviscerating plant to the freezing and storage units in the Swift plant, a tunnel was built under P Street to connect the two buildings.

Until , when the Swift Company relocated, the processing plant was a focal point for the turkey industry in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley. Another important part of the commercial history of Fresno belongs to the Wormser Furniture Company. The business was begun by Sigmund Wormser, a noted Fresno business leader who arrived in Fresno in Established in , the Wormser Furniture Company was an immediate success. It eventually became one of the largest businesses of its kind in California.

He was elected as the first president of the Merchants Association of Fresno. Wormser retired in , and died in All three buildings in the Warehouse Row benefitted from their location along the Santa Fe Railroad tracks. The Wormser Furniture Company became such a large enterprise in part because it could transport goods that it bought and sold more easily.

Swift and Co. Took advantage of the railroad to market its turkeys throughout the state. The Fresno Consumers Ice Company used the railroad system for its wholesale distribution of ice, and later, when it served mainly as a cold storage facility, farmers sent agricultural produce into Fresno by rail to be stored there.

Additional information by Kevin Enns-Rempel. Historical significance With the advent of irrigation in the s and early s, Fresno County began its transformation into one of the richest agricultural counties in the United States. All Rights Reserved.

H E B Ice cream production Jobs

These structures, all of which date from the first decade of the twentieth century, reflect the growth spurred on by the construction of the Santa Fe Railroad and the emergence of Fresno as an important agricultural center. The three buildings are situated on a 1. One of the oldest and least altered structures in the area is the Wormser Warehouse, constructed in for the Wormser Furniture Company.

A group of local businessmen in Brenham, Texas, decided to establish the Brenham Creamery Company and make butter from excess cream brought in by area farmers. A few years later, the creamery began making ice cream and delivering it to neighbors by horse and wagon.

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Ice Cream Warehouse

Beyond providing ice supplies, equipment, and parts, our experienced professionals also offer customized solutions, maintenance, service, and training to help solve your problems today and support your operation well into the future. To learn more about our full range of capabilities, click the arrow above and watch the video. Modern Ice is the leading full-service provider of equipment, parts, and supplies for the ice industry. Our team has more experience than any other, so we offer more services and solutions than any other. Beyond the ice supplies we provide for your business, we offer design, layout, equipment sizing and selection, installation, controls, start-up, and maintenance services.

Some products are more fragile than others, but most perishable products are particularly averse to the freeze-thaw cycle.

A visit to the factory is a great activity for all ages, whether you have time to take the factory tour or only enough to stretch your legs, pick up a milkshake, and get back on the road. During the warmer months, enjoy our picnic and playground areas or simply pull up an Adirondack chair and take in a view of the Worcester Mountain range. Cap off your visit with a walk through the Flavor Graveyard where you can pay your respects to our dearly de-pinted flavors. We recommend planning to spend anywhere from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 3 hours onsite during your visit, depending on how much euphoria you can handle!

Tour the Stewart’s Plant

The Reddy Ice culture is built on a foundation of an uncompromising commitment to exceptional customer service, industry innovation, internal growth, and an employee referral program. In turn, our employees take pride in servicing our customers and responding to their needs in a timely and many times innovative manner. This partnership fosters a sense of ownership with our employees and creates an environment where they uphold our principles of integrity and honesty.

With more than 30 years experience, we not only understand the unique needs of our industry but we also strive to innovate and revolutionize the way we do business. Inside sales and order processing are handled at our 11, sq. Our experienced professionals can assist with new plant CAD design, custom electrical control design as well as on-site consulting. Our next generation ice palletizing system offers a simple, durable and robust design and makes use of online technology for faster maintenance and support. Our automatic ice palletizer can pack up to 45 bags per minute using loose 10 bags and up to 37 bags per minute using 20 bags. There is no need to modify the system.

Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

Rina Lovko Studio have finished some staggering work for wholesale flower store, Dicentra, making for a second collaboration between the Kyiv-based studio and flower brand. Creating a retail space within their enormous warehouse—which is situated in a hangar-like Soviet-era building—two refrigerators were used as reference points, the first showcasing retail flowers , the second closed for cut and potted plants wholesale. Formerly a workshop on the left bank of Kiev , the imposing space—some meters without partitions—proved difficult for the designers due to its size, budget and looming deadline; the studio gaining complete trust of the client to realise the monumental task that would lie ahead. With these pictures as proof, Rina Lovko came up trumps for Dicentra. The result is a room divided simply with two walls and a column. Raw materials and textured walls evoke an aesthetic that seems as though the space remains untouched. The refrigerators made of thermal materials, one with aluminium windows for display purposes, are slightly smaller than the room and painted in graphite colour; a decision made based on the fact that flowers on a black background look bright and contrast, which is a big plus for saleability. Supporting this theory, Rina Lovko Studio installed lighting to further enhance the flora on show, making the beauties look all the more evocative.

A few years later, the creamery began making ice cream and delivering it to Direct store delivery means that no one other than a Blue Bell employee handles.

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Cold Rooms & Warehouse Cooling

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Employees Love Working For Us

Much of our success comes from the integration of our manufacturing, distribution, retail, and development operations. Follow along with this tour of our Manufacturing and Distribution plant located in Greenfield, NY to see how we do it all for you. The process starts with our neighbors — local family farms that care for their animals and produce high quality milk.

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